10 things to do as soon as you arrive in your new apartment

So you’ve moved into a new apartment. Congratulations! 

But look around, all those bare walls and lots of boxes. Where do you begin to make this a proper home? Don’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll get there eventually and your new apartment will be soon be turned into a stylish palace all of your own. Follow our tips to make settling in fun and easy!


  1. Check out the security

The first thing to do, to enable you to relax, is to make sure your apartment is secure. Check the doors and windows and if there are any issues, get them sorted straight away.


  1. Get your music on

Nothing makes you feel at home quite like your favourite music. Fill the room with your tunes and it’ll also put you in the mood for getting everything sorted!


  1. Let in the light and air

A new place will have its own smells and it can take a while to feel like your own place. It may have been shut up for a while, so get the windows open and air the place. A spritz of your favourite perfume can also make the apartment smell more like home.


  1. Sort out the furniture

Once the furniture is in place, it will make sorting everything else out easier. You’ll have storage and you’ll have more inspiration for the details.


  1. Get your bed ready

You might think that you’ll get everything just so in double quick time, but you can’t rush these things. You could well end up tired before you’ve unpacked everything, so get your bed all ready, and you can fall into it whenever you feel like you’ve had enough. Don’t burn yourself out, take your time and get everything sorted at your leisure. For now all you need is the essentials, and there’s nothing more essential than your bed!


  1. Set up your bathroom

All those familiar toiletries from home can quickly be put out in your new bathroom and it’ll feel like yours. Then you’re all ready for a long soak in the bath when you’ve finished your unpacking for the day.


  1. Put out the home comforts

We all have our favourite items that just mean home to us. It could be photographs, it may be a much loved ornament, or perhaps your most comfortable cushions. These reminders of home will soon have your apartment feeling like yours.


  1. Get shut of the boxes

When you’ve emptied a box, get rid of it or you’ll end up with a really cluttered apartment that certainly won’t feel relaxing.


  1. Invite people round

Filling your new apartment with friendly faces will certainly make it feel like home. Even if you haven’t fully unpacked, people won’t care if they’re sitting on the floor and you order in a pizza, they’ll be excited to see your new place!


  1. Bond with your apartment

Take a while to spend some quality time alone in your apartment. Watch your favourite film, cook a delicious meal, look around and enjoy your new place. All that unpacking was certainly worth it wasn’t it!


Enjoy your new place

A move doesn’t have to be stressful, take your time with your unpacking and have fun with it, choosing a new place for everything! If you’d like any advise regarding moving home, or are looking to hire a high quality removal company then do take a look at our website here.

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