10 tips for packing your electronics

Here are some tips to ensure moving your electronic gadgets and appliances goes smoothly…

These days we all have so many electronic devices and most of them will have cost us a lot of money, so we want to be sure, when we’re moving, that they are packed very carefully. From a video games system to a huge flat screen TV it all needs packing well so it arrives at your new home intact and free from damage. Here are some tips to ensure moving your electronic gadgets and appliances goes smoothly…


  1. Use the original boxes

It can be tempting to throw away packaging, especially when the item is out of warranty, but if there’s the slightest chance that you may be moving house, keeping all the packaging is very wise as it is tailor made to protect your item.

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  1. Check the manual

Your manuals may give you some vital information regarding transporting your electronic device. For example, some Blu-ray players have a method of securing the disk drive for transportation.


  1. If you’re storing items, check temperature requirements

If you’re storing electronics, they may need to be in a climate-controlled unit, so it may be wise to reconsider storing your valuable gadgets in your friends’ garage and opt for a secure storage facility that is fully temperature controlled.


  1. Wrap items well

Dust can cause problems with electronics in storage or transit so it’s a good idea to wrap items in cloth before packing. For your most valuable items and antiques, our experienced packers are more than willing to be of help and put their experience in good use whilst using equipment (like wooden cases) to secure the safety of your belongings.


  1. Seal boxes well

Ensuring your boxes are all taped up well will also keep dust from getting inside.


  1. Gather all the packing materials you need

Be sure to have enough packing material, don’t scrimp on the bubble wrap, and it’s important to have the right size boxes for your devices. Make sure they’re sturdy enough too!


  1. Be sure to tag those wires

One big mistake is to put all the wires into one box or bag. Matching them back up with their particular gadget can be very time consuming. Instead, either colour code each item with coloured tape or stickers and use the same colour on the devices cables or use stickers for each wire and write on it what device it plugs into.


  1. Make a list of everything that goes together

Writing down a list of all the items, for example, that you have with your television in the living room will ensure you have everything to hand when you’re setting up your system again.


  1. Don’t draw attention to valuable items

While we always recommend labelling packing boxes, there’s one exception and that’s when it’s your valuable electronics. When you’re moving to a new house it’s easy for a box to be left unattended on the roadside. So, don’t label your boxes with ‘PC’ or Xbox’, leave them blank or have a code so instead something simple such as ‘Old Plates’ actually means something valuable!


  1. You can’t be too careful

When you’re moving fragile items such as a television or computer it’s a good idea to add an extra layer of protection in the form of a blanket.


Want more great moving tips?

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