4 benefits of storing your valuables in a SELF-storage unit

When you are trying to think of places to store your most valuable items, don’t assume that your attic or basement will do!  

The high-end items you own are your personal investment in your comfort. But to keep their value, they need to be well cared for, and that is why you should rather consider investing in a self-storage unit.

As living spaces get smaller, self-storage is an easy way to increase your space, as well as an affordable investment that will keep the items you love safe from damage. Ideal for both long and short term storage, browse through our comprehensive range of different options to learn more.

  1. Peace of mind

At Columbia Movers, we understand the difficulty of finding an extra safe space for your belongings. Offering the only self-storage facilities in Cyprus based on UK and USA standards for safety and quality, we are committed to bringing you the perfect solutions for your needs, allowing for your peace of mind!

Having a wide range of different-sized units for you to choose from, and offering online booking, you can easily browse all the different options, book, reserve, and pay online within a few clicks.

  1. Control humidity

Water is one of the most destructive elements that can cause wearing to your belongings. Just a little humidity in the air can lead to mold and mildew on upholstery, can damage wooden furniture, antiques, books, precious artwork, and musical instruments.

Self-storage units are also ideal for file storage.  Additionally, clean air prevents damage to sensitive items like important documents and electronics. Our clean and dry self-storage units prevent this damage.

  1. Avoid temperature extremes

Along the same lines as above, extreme temperature fluctuations can be as damaging as moisture and insects. Living in Cyprus, where summer temperatures are blisteringly high, it’s easy to deduce that this can lead to warping, cracking, and splitting of your valuables, or even turning your already delicate items even more brittle.

  1. Secure facilities and Full self-storage insurance

Put it simply, this will be your own storage unit within a facility where only you have the key to enter to your room. Able to choose the size, the type, and the length of stay, booking with Columbia Movers allows you 24/7 access to your belongings in your private storage unit.

There is on-site staff with round-the-clock surveillance, keeping an eye on the smooth operation and safeguarding of your belongings. Strengthening and securing our facilities, we have installed CCTV protection, burglar alarm, fire alarm and Access Control systems, granting safe entrance only to our customers.

Offering full self-storage insurance, you also have the option of changing your unit size at any time, with no transfer cost. So, learn more about our SELF-storage services and book your own storage online now, from €36/month.


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