5+1 tips to beat unpacking procrastination

When you’re moving, all the emphasis is on the packing. But once you’re at your new home, the movers have gone, you’re left with another big task, unpacking! When you’re surrounded by boxes, it can seem overwhelming. Do we really have all this stuff? So we find the important things, clothes, bedding, the kettle for a much deserved cup of tea, then we put off unpacking the rest of it. It can wait. However, the unpacking process can literally go on for years if you don’t stop procrastinating and get on with it. Many people even find they’re moving house again with boxes they never got around to unpacking since the previous move! Here are some tips that will help you to get on with this troublesome task a little more easily…

  1. Plan an event at your home

One great tip is to plan a house warming party. You’ll need your home to be ready in time for the party and so this will give you the push to get unpacked and sorted.

  1. A little at a time

All those boxes can seem so daunting, so go at the job a little at a time. Try and move something every time you leave the room. If you’re going into the bedroom, then take a bag of clothes and go put them in the wardrobe. Going to the bathroom? Then how about unpacking some toiletries while you’re there? Don’t feel you have to unpack everything at once. Tackle a couple of boxes a day, or give yourself a time limit of an hour and see how much you can get done in that time.

  1. Get lively with some upbeat music

Unpacking becomes more fun when you get some music on, you’ll feel more positive and you’ll zoom through that unpacking. It’s best to avoid putting the TV on though as you can easily become distracted and before you know it you’re watching television and not getting any unpacking done at all!

  1. It doesn’t need to perfect just yet

If you’re fine tuning the position of every item you unpack, you’ll be unpacking forever. The best plan is simply to ensure that everything is more or less in the right place. When all those boxes are empty, then you can go back and sort all your books alphabetically on the shelf or organise your socks by colour but don’t aim for perfection right away.

  1. Many hands make light work

Asking friends and family to lend a hand with the unpacking can save you a lot of time. Simply getting all the boxes into the right room is a great job for someone to help with, and other unpacking tasks are pretty easy such as transferring crockery and cutlery into the kitchen cupboards and drawers or hanging clothes in the wardrobes.

  1. Picture the job completed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the unpacking that needs to be done, imagine how great you’re going to feel when it’s all finished and your new house truly feels like your new home.

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