5 Benefits of Planning your Move in Spring!

Spring is all about new beginnings, so symbolically it’s a great time to move house for a fresh start in your new home, but practically, it’s also a really good time to move.

If you’re thinking about relocating, aiming for a spring move could bring with it some highly beneficial advantages…

You’ll find it easier to hire the best movers

Many people choose to move during the summer months or else it simply works out this way as they didn’t start their house hunting until winter was over. So, there’s a rush of movers in summer and therefore moving companies are often inundated with requests from home movers to help then with their relocation. The best moving companies will have their available dates snapped up quickly and so you’ll be left with a choice of businesses that are less popular. This is probably for a good reason. If you find a moving company with lots of availability in the summer, it could be because they are disreputable or unreliable. It’s always worth reading reviews to get an overview of other people’s experiences before you book your movers.  You’ll find much better availability in the springtime, so you can take your pick of the very best moving companies which will ensure your move goes smoothly and is as stress free as possible.


The weather is at its best for moving


Springtime is ideal for moving as the weather is just right. Chances are it will be the perfect temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, and you’re out of winter so the chances of rain are lower. A sunny summer day may seem like the perfect time to move, but you’ll soon change your mind when you’re sweating on a sweltering hot day lugging boxes about!


You have options with the kids  

You will know whether your kids will be a help or a hindrance on moving day, and you can plan your move with this in mind. If you’ll benefit from them being around then you can plan the move during the school holidays. If, all things considered, you’d rather just get on with the move with the children out of the way, then schedule the move for term time instead and get moved while they’re in school.


It’s a great time to get settled in

Spring is a lovely time to move in as by the time summer arrives, you’ll be all unpacked and settled into your new routine. You’ll be ready to entertain, enjoy your outdoor space and just make the most of your new place.


It’s the perfect time to begin a new life journey

Move in Spring and your new beginning starts at a moment in time that just seems right. You’ve got summer around the corner, then your first Christmas in your new home to look forward to at the end of the year.


Whenever you move, Columbia Movers is here to help

Here at Columbia Movers we are experts in moving in all seasons, so do give us a call if you’d like our help with your spring move, but don’t worry if your move doesn’t coincide with the spring season. If you move in the heat of summer or on a rainy day in winter, we’ll take the stress and strain away from you and ensure all your possessions reach their new home safely and securely. Visit our website or give us a call to get a quote for your next move.

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