5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving to a new house or establishment is not something to be taken lightly – especially if we consider that it involves a great part of our property and almost every personal item, some of which may carry a significant sentimental value.  

So, it is reasonable to assign it to a moving company that can see it through with safety and reliability, adjusting its services to our personal needs and wishes.

How can you ensure that the moving company you think of selecting is indeed adequately qualified? Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Is it a Well-Established Firm?

Ask people in your area. Try to make sure whether this particular firm is well-known and established in its field. If, whenever you ask around about it, people say “Never heard of it” or “How did you say it is called?”, then you probably have to do with a start-up company that does not yet know the secrets of the business.

Columbia Movers already counts more than 25 years of experience and is the most widely recognised moving company in Cyprus and one of the leading ones in Europe.

  1. Any Quality Standards and Accreditations?

All industries and fields have certain safety and security standards, and the moving industry is no exception. The times when movers asked their clients to just trust their alleged years of experience has long passed. Modern day consumers and clients demand specific quality standards and accreditations that can be checked beforehand.

Columbia Movers is the only moving company in Cyprus that follows and strictly applies UK and USA safety and quality standards, while being members of the three most stringent quality programmes for the international moving industry, FIDI FAIM, IAM and BAR.

  1. Testimonials and Customer Reviews?

If you wish to get the full picture of a company’s services, check for testimonials and reviews regarding the quality of its performance. Nowadays, no firm can hide from the relentless power of internet criticism. So, make sure to read as many testimonials as possible and get a more realistic view than the one offered by their official website.

Recent research revealed that the vast majority of Columbia Movers clients found both its services and establishments excellent and deem it very likely to recommend it to others.

  1. Are your Movers Licensed and Insured?

Anyone with even the slightest experience in the moving industry will tell you that this one is the single most important characteristic most commonly ignored by clients. A properly insured and licensed moving crew is by far the best warranty for the safety of your items!

Every single Columbia Movers staff member is highly qualified, properly trained and fully insured.


  1. Are your Quotes Binding?

A reliable moving company will be able to inform you in advance about its quotes and fees and answer in detail all related questions. If you hear the representative of a moving company saying things like “we will make you a nice offer” or “we are the cheapest you can find” but refuses to get into the specifics, then you are probably heading for a nasty surprise.

In Columbia Movers, we offer you a detailed list of our rates and offer a clear-cut written agreement with our offer right after you inform us of our wishes and the details of your moving.

Indeed, it is wise to assign your move to real professionals – an established firm, with high-quality standards, reliability, and transparency.

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