5 Steps to store Computers and other electronics and where to keep them safe

These days our lives are filled with electronic gadgets and computers. We rely on them for so many tasks. So, when it comes to storing them, perhaps during a house move or an office relocation, it can be a real headache. The way your electronics are stored is very important. Fail to store them properly and you could find they no longer work when you take them out of storage. For households this can be very annoying and expensive, for businesses it can be catastrophic. Read on to discover the correct way to store your important gadgets and computers, to avoid issues down the line…


1 – Backup all your data

It’s so important to create backups of all your data. Your computer is bound to have lots of important, valuable and irreplaceable information on there. You may have precious family photos, videos or business accounts. Backing it up gives you peace of mind that if anything did happen to your computer, your data isn’t lost, but it also means you’ve got access to it easily, without having to take your computer out of storage. Back it up online or to a portable hard drive and it’s all there ready if you need it.


2 – Pack carefully and cover screens and monitors

Keep dust off your screens by wrapping them up before storing them. It’s wise to use cotton fabric or cardboard rather than plastic, as over time moisture can build up on the plastic and infiltrate into your devices.


3 – Clean items before storage

Make sure your items are clean before you put them into storage. Use a compressed air duster to get rid of any dust and dirt in hard to reach areas. When you’re moving your gadgets, the dust can move and affect your device so try to get them as clean as possible before they leave the building.


4 – Remove wires and components

Always remove the power cords and other wires, take out any discs from drives and remove game cartridges. It can be a good idea to label wires, so you know what belongs to which device when you come to set it back up again. Connectors can be bent and broken if peripherals are left plugged in, so be sure to remove keyboards, mice, game controllers and suchlike before packing.


5 – Choose your storage facility wisely

Electronics have very specific requirements, so you need to store them somewhere with good climate control such as the self-storage units of Columbia Self Storage. Cold and heat can both adversely affect electronics. Humidity can lead to condensation or the risk of static discharge. A draughty location can cause dust to enter your devices and cause problems.

Discover the perfect storage location for your electronics and computers

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