5 Tips for Organising Your Home Over the Summer

True, summer is made for relaxation and rest, carelessness and repose. So, probably the last thing you think about is home chores.

Still, few people understand that the better organized is your space, the easier it is to rest. The bigger mess you leave behind, the more difficult it is to enjoy a deep rest, without worrying about the things you have to do when you get back home.

A few simple tips and ideas will get you started. Check out 5 tips for organizing your home over the summer!

1. Pinpoint the “Fun-Killers”

Proper organizing always starts inside our mind – by setting priorities.

Just sit comfortably into your couch with a cup of coffee and ask yourself: “What’s more important for me this time of the year?” Having some quality time with the family? Resting? Visit new places? Just spending time by the sea with friends? Make a short list and then prioritize it.

Now think what could possibly deprive you of the time and energy you need to enjoy each of these things. For example, are there things in the house or the yard that must be done before the end of summer? Pinpoint the projects and responsibilities that could keep you away from the things you crave this summer and finish off these “fun-killers” as quickly as possible.

2. Break it Down

If the biggest “fun-killer” in your list is a really big project, the best way to deal with it is the “little and often” approach.

Break it down in smaller projects that require much less time and schedule them throughout the week. Stick to the program and you will be done before you realise it. Instead of investing consecutive days or hours on it – which often means you put it off for later and constantly reschedule it – do little bits of it every day. Soon, you’ll find out it was much easier than you thought.

3. Establish a donation area

The easiest way to remain organized is to get rid of anything you don’t need. Taking out what you don’t need is easier than you think: just ask yourself when was the last time you ever used an item. If it’s been more than two years, then you should probably give it away.

Create a donation area in the house (box, shelf, closet, whatever suits you best) – a space where all family members can toss things they don’t want and wish to donate. You will be surprised at how fast things will pile up, saving you amazing space in your closet and making organizing and tidying up much easier and faster.

4. Take breaks

Taking breaks is always important – especially when you work during the summer. Running from chore to chore knowing that it will take hours or days to catch your breath will take its toll on your work, decreasing your productivity. Re-check your priorities list and make sure that you do only what’s necessary for your favourite summer activities. Cross out the rest, and slot several breaks into your daily schedule.

5. Call for help

Last but not least, call for help. You don’t have to do everything by yourself! Ask for friends and relatives to lend a hand, adding fun and good company to your pending projects.

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