5 Tips to keep the Christmas Spirit when Moving House over the Festive Season

Christmas comes but once a year, so of course you want to make the most of it and enjoy the festivities as much as you can. But what if your house move is happening over Christmas time?

Here are 5 top tips for making your Christmas move go smoothly without losing any of that Christmas spirit!


1 – Prepare festive food and drink

Food and drink play a big part in making Christmas really special, so make sure you’ve got your Christmas food supplies ready well in advance of the move and pack them where you can easily gain access to them. Remember, stores may not all be open over Christmas, so get the shopping done early so you can have some festive food as soon as you move in. Perhaps treat yourself to a bottle of something fizzy, well you deserve it, not only is it Christmas, but you’ve also moved house so you’ve got double the reasons to celebrate!


2 – Get all the help you can

Don’t be nervous about asking friends and family to muck in and help you with the packing and moving. At this time of year, nearly everyone is in good spirits and they’ll be happy to lend a hand and help make your move easier for you. Have a plate of mince pies ready to reward your helpers.

3 – Hold a packing party

Packing doesn’t need to be tedious and boring, especially if you’ve managed to gather some volunteers to help you. Write a list of jobs and allocate everyone some tasks. Don’t forget the refreshments, but just order food in, you don’t want to be cooking while you’re trying to pack up your kitchen supplies! Disposable plates and cups are also very useful at this time!


4 – Don’t forget the idea of decorations

Decorations make Christmas truly special, but if you’re about to move home, it might be tempting not to bother with any, you’re only going to have to take them down again, but don’t do this, you’ll miss out on the magical feeling they bring. Just choose decorations that are easy to move. Opt for table decorations, a few strewn garlands and get that Christmas music at the ready.


5 – Keep in touch

Moving away from your friends and family can be tough at Christmas, and kids can feel this very strongly, especially if they’re moving schools. So make sure you all take the time to send messages to old friends, wishing them a Very Merry Christmas. A trip to visit Santa is also fun for the kids and it reassures little ones that Santa still knows where they live!


Get prepared early

Christmas can be a busy time, so be sure to get your packing sorted by ordering your packing materials early. Columbia Movers have a wide range of packing boxes for all your needs. From crockery, to clothes, books to bikes, there’s a box just right for the job. Order yours online now and get ready for the big day!

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