5 ways in which a self-storage unit can benefit your business

No one ever said running a business was easy! It certainly comes with some challenges. Your workplace should be a place of productivity, a space for creativity, a pleasant location to spend your working day. When you consider that we spend more awake time at work than we do in our own homes, it seems such a shame if our offices are cluttered and full of paperwork or excess stock. It’s really hard to concentrate when you’re surrounded by clutter and it doesn’t make for an attractive workplace that you look forward to spending time in. With the clever use of a self-storage facility though, you can clear out the clutter without having to dispose of anything you may need, and you can make your workplace a much more pleasant place to be. Here are just some of the benefits of using a self-storage unit

Added safety and temperature control

A self-storage unit is likely to be more safe and secure than your own premises. With the latest alarms and surveillance technologies in place, you can rest assured that your possessions are safe, even when you’re not in the office. In addition, opt for a climate controlled unit and you won’t have any concerns if the temperatures rise and humidity is high, or at the other extreme, if temperatures plummet.

Get files out of the way

There’s one thing that all businesses have in common and that is a mountain of paperwork. With legal requirements for certain types of paperwork to be kept for several years, a self-storage unit is a fantastic way to get these documents out of the way. You don’t need instant access to them, but you have to keep them. It’s the ideal solution. It’s also an added level of security for sensitive documents.

Store bulky furniture

Having a place to store furniture can be very useful. You may have items you only use when you have visitors, or a spare desk you’d like out of the way for now but you may need it down the line. If the office is being redecorated or carpeted, you could store everything in your unit and get the job done more quickly.

Extra product storage

Your stock could also be cluttering up your premises, and so a self-storage unit is ideal for keeping the bulk of your products neatly out of the way until you need them. It’s also a great place to store seasonal items when they’re not needed.

Life is simpler

With a self-storage unit you have so much more flexibility of space, and your own premises will be a pleasant, clutter-free place for you and your employees to spend their time. You’ll find rates for self-storage units very reasonable and highly affordable, and when you opt for a Columbia Movers self storage unit you have the added bonus of being able to choose from a wide range of unit sizes, with the option of easily upsizing or downsizing your unit, so you’re never paying for space you don’t need. To discuss your storage needs, get in touch with Columbia Movers now.

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