5+1 things moving companies don’t allow to move

Choosing a good moving company that you can put your trust in, is key to eliminating the stress from your move.

Whether you’re moving down the street or moving overseas, relocating can certainly be a difficult time. It can seem overwhelming when you look around you and see a whole house full of precious memory-laden possessions, huge pieces of furniture and a host of delicate breakables. Choosing a good moving company that you can put your trust in, is key to eliminating the stress from your move. When you choose a highly experienced company, you don’t have to worry. They will pack and move everything with the utmost care and attention. 

However, even the best moving companies have a list of items they simply cannot move for you. It’s a good idea to understand what your movers won’t be able to transport for you, so you can ensure these items are not packed with your other belongings. Here are 6 things that your movers won’t be taking for you… 


Frozen and perishable food is not going to transport well, so it’s a great idea to run your supplies low in the run up to moving day. It’s a good opportunity to use up the contents of your freezer. Of course, non-perishable, unopened food can be transported just fine, so you can be sure you have some pasta or soup for your first meal in your new home. Or if you don’t want the hassle of packing up tins and dried goods, why not do a good deed and donate them to charity?


 Scuba diving equipment 

You’ll also have to make provisions for any scuba equipment you have, as the high pressure of the oxygen tanks represents a hazard, particularly during transportation. Moving scuba gear is a worry, as if you were to have an accident, a pressurised tank could explode, so be sure to empty your tanks before you move them. 


Nail polish and nail polish remover 

This one might surprise you, but it’s certainly worth knowing so you don’t pack your nail polishes along with other cosmetics and toiletries. Due to the flammable nature of both nail polish and nail polish remover, it’s a no-go for movers. 



Most of us will move our pets along with our own family, so movers aren’t often asked to move family pets. However, if you do need assistance moving animals, perhaps if you’re moving overseas, then you should look into specialist pet relocation services. 


Firearms and ammunition 

Neither firearms nor ammunition can be transported during a standard moving service. Rules may also differ between locations so if you want to move firearms, it’s wise to find a licensed firearms dealer who can help you with moving them and with any legalities.  


Other hazardous substances 

There are several other hazardous materials that are not allowed in the removal vehicle. These may include ordinary household products such as tins of paints, aerosols, pesticides and fertilizer, and even batteries. If in doubt, ask your movers who will be able to advise you on what items are not allowed, and your local waste facility will be able to guide you as to the correct method of disposal for anything you wish to get rid of.

Trust your movers – they’ll keep your belongings safe 

So now you know what you can’t pack for your movers, it’s easy to put these items to one side if you have them, and dispose of them or transport them in your own vehicle. For anything else, Columbia Worldwide Movers are here for you every step of the way, helping to make your next move as smooth and stress free as possible. For a quote or more information don’t hesitate to give us a call.   



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