6 Must-Dos Before Relocating Your Beloved Pet Abroad

Here are our top tips for ensuring your pets have a successful and stress-free move

Moving abroad is an exciting time for all the family, you’re all going to start a wonderful new life together, and that of course must include the furry four-legged members of your family, your pets! It may seem complicated moving your beloved pets overseas, but with some good preparation and planning, it will all go smoothly, and your pet will have a safe and happy journey before you’re all reunited in your new home.


  1. Start the process well in advance

The process for moving pets can take some time, so don’t leave it to the last minute. Start your application at least seven months in advance so you can be sure you’ll have all your paperwork in place before you move. If your pets need to spend some time in quarantine, this also needs to be arranged early as it can become booked up.


  1. Take a trip to your vet before you travel

Your vet can be very helpful when it comes to moving pets overseas so do book a visit before you go. There is some paperwork they’ll need to complete for you, so make sure this is done. They’ll also be able to reassure you that your pet is fit and healthy enough for the journey.


  1. Ensure your pets are micro-chipped

Micro-chipping is going to be a requirement for travel, so if your pets are not already chipped then make sure you get this done. Don’t forget to change the contact details registered with the chips once you have reached your destination.


  1. Apply for and pay for your permit of import

Your import permit is vital, your pets won’t be able to travel without it. Fill out the information with care as any mistakes could result in your application being turned down. Make sure you have copies of any supporting documents or certificates you need to send too.

  1. Book pets into quarantine before you set your moving date

If your pets need to spend time in quarantine after the move, a good tip is to get this booked before you set your moving date. If the quarantine centre is booked up, you can then arrange your move around the next available slot in the centre. Do this the other way around and you could have some big problems.


  1. Protect your pets against parasites

Your pets will need to be free from parasites and infectious diseases before they will be allowed to travel. So get your vet to check out your pet and give them a clean bill of health. Your pets will need to be treated for parasitic worms, so they’ll have to be booked in for two treatments. There needs to be at least 14 days but no more than 45 days between the first treatment and the second, and the second treatment must be done within 5 days of the move, so you need to work out suitable dates for this to make fully sure your pets are covered for travel.


 Enjoy your new life abroad with your best friends

When you take care of the details, the move will go smoothly and soon you’ll have everything in place to ensure your pets arrive at their destination with you there to meet them. Columbia Worldwide Movers are experts in pet relocation overseas, so do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about this service.

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