6 Questions to Ask Your Movers Before the Move Takes Place

Moving to a new house can certainly be a hectic and stressful time, so, here are 6 questions that can help you feel calmer and well prepared for the big move! 

Moving to a new house can certainly be a hectic and stressful time. It’s so important to choose the right movers to ensure your move goes smoothly and those stress levels are kept to a minimum. It’s normal to feel a little anxious before a house move, so in order to reduce your anxiety, here are 6 questions that can really help you feel calmer and well prepared for the big move!

  1. How do I contact the driver?

Getting the details of the driver is so important, yet often overlooked. A call to check on the location of your driver can really help to put your mind at ease that everything is on track, or you may want to get in touch if there’s a change of plan or you have a question to ask. So, finding out the information in advance is a great idea.

  1. What is included in the estimate, and what is excluded?

To avoid unknown or hidden costs being sprung on you, you should find out exactly what is and isn’t included in your estimate.

  1. What is the company doing with regards to preventing Coronavirus risks?

Every good business should have a clear COVID-19 plan and be able to explain the related procedures to you easily. Moving is hard enough without having to think about the consequences of Coronavirus, so you need a moving company that will ensure your move is done in a covid safe manner, following all health and safety practices.

  1. What is the estimated day and time of arrival?

It’s important not to forget to find out when your belongings will arrive at their destination. This could be a time, or if it’s an international move, it may be a date.  A good moving company will keep you informed of the time of arrival and fine tune that information as the arrival time approaches. 

  1. Are there any items that are not allowed on the removal truck?

It’s also important to find out what the moving company won’t take in the truck so you can make alternative arrangements. It may be that they won’t take perishables such as the contents of your fridge or house plants, and some hazardous materials may be exempt such as poisons, propane tanks and matches. Your moving company should be able to supply you with a list of any exempted items well in advance of moving day.

  1. Will my move be subcontracted, and will my belonging be transferred on the journey?

Some moving companies may actually subcontract all or part of the move to another business. In the case of a long-distance move, this may result in your belongings being transferred between trucks during the journey. This of course increases any risk of damage or loss, and means your belongings are being moved when you’re not there to supervise. It’s important to know if this is likely to happen so you can decide if you’re happy with this or if you’d prefer to find an alternative mover.

Your move in our safe hands

Here at Columbia Movers, we want your move to go perfectly, and so that’s why our expert team handle each and every move with the highest level of professional service and personalised care, following world-wide standards. For your extra peace of mind, we have been awarded the FIDI-FAIM certification which assures our high standards in all aspects of the moving process and demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible service to every client.

For any queries, you can email us or give us a call. We’re always happy to provide more information to ensure your needs are fully met by our services!


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