6 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Your Company to a New Location

Here are 6 questions you should consider carefully before you relocate your business.

Relocating your company can be stressful and it may be complicated. However, it can be well worth it. But before you make the move, you should make sure that it really is the best thing for your business. Here are 6 questions you should consider carefully before you relocate your business


  1. Can you develop a strong client list in your new location?

Whatever your product or service, it’s really important to ensure that there’s a need for it in your new location. Market research is essential to truly understand the needs and requirements of the people in your new area. Some aspects will be obvious, such as there’s no point moving to an area with a cold climate if your business is selling air conditioning! But others may not be so easy to spot, for instance, if you’re moving to an area with a high level of unemployment, your luxury goods may not sell so well, so doing your research will ensure you don’t make a costly mistake.


  1. Will the business community welcome you, are there are any benefits?

Are there local business groups in the area that you can join? Networking is a really good idea if you’re new to an area, to build up those all important contacts. Check out the tax rules in the area. You may find there are benefits, or you could be stung with some extra taxes you knew nothing about.


  1. Is there an up and coming business vibe?

A new location with lots of thriving businesses, both large and small, is a great sign that you too can survive and grow in this new area.


  1. Will you be able to get the staff you need?

Even if all your current staff are happy to relocate along with your business, eventually you’ll need extra staff. Staff may leave, or your business may grow and require a larger workforce. If your business needs employees with specific talents, will you be able to find these people in the new location? Research the local higher education facilities, do the courses they offer match the skills you’ll need?


  1. Is the new location easily accessible?

Location is really important both for your staff, your clients and customers, and also for yourself. Are there good public transport links? Is there ample car parking? If your location is just too remote, people may well go elsewhere, preferring to travel somewhere nearer to their home. It’s also wise to consider safety. The rent in an area with a high crime rate might be low, but if your staff don’t feel safe getting home at night, or are concerned about car crime while their vehicles are parked, it’s certainly not a good thing.


  1. Are you really ready for a big move?

Are you really ready for this? Don’t get ahead of yourselves. You may be doing well where you are, is it worth taking the risk? Don’t rush into anything. Perhaps send some of your staff members to check out the location and do some real research in the area before you make any big decisions. Talk to people who have relocated their businesses to the area, and discover any issues they came across. Forewarned is forearmed!


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