5+1 simple packing tips to help you move with zero stress!

We know that moving home is a time packed with different emotions, but, we can help! Here’s 6 packing tips on how to make moving less stressful! 

Moving home is a time packed with different emotions. There’s certainly excitement, and the joy of moving to somewhere that’s perhaps bigger and better than your previous property, there may even be a little sadness at leaving a home where you’ve made many happy memories. While all these emotions are part and parcel of moving home, there’s one emotion that is often experienced during a house move that is totally avoidable and that is feeling stressed!

Yes, moving can be difficult, it can have its ups and downs and it can be a lot of work, but managed the right way, by being prepared and making some sensible choices, you really can have a stress-free move. Here are some packing tips you can use to help reduce those moving stress levels…

  1. Have a clear out as soon as possible

As you’re going to be packing everything up anyway, why not save yourself some of the packing hassle by having a good clear out as soon as you know you’re going to be moving? It’s amazing how much stuff we keep that we know we’ll never use again. You can do a good deed donating old belongings to charity shops, or you could even make some money by selling some things. The more you get rid of now, the less you’ll have to pack, move and unpack later.

  1. Pack up rooms that are rarely used

You can also get a head start by clearing rooms you know you won’t be using. If you have a guest bedroom, a rarely used basement, or a loft full of out of season clothes etc. that you know you won’t be using, then get it all packed up in advance. Clearing one room also gives you the advantage of having a room totally cleared in which to store your packed boxes ready for the move.

  1. Pack up all the items that are purely decorative

Another easy yet time consuming job you can do in advance is to pack all your decorative items. Ornaments and pictures that enhance your home yet serve no practical purpose, that you can live without until the move. These items often tend to be quite delicate, so it’s wise to take your time packing them to ensure they’re fully protected for the move.

  1. Pack items you don’t need from all your rooms

The next step in the process is to start packing up everything you’re sure you won’t need from every room of your house. If you know you’re not going to have dinner guests over, then you really don’t need a cupboard full of glasses and crockery. Out of season items such as Christmas decorations in summer and paddling pools in winter can all be packed away. You don’t need an entire bookcase of books and the kids toys and games can be streamlined for a while. By leaving only the essentials, you really can get a lot of the packing done well in advance.

  1. Leave larger furniture and electronics to last

The last items to pack will be large items of furniture. Items such beds and sofas you’re likely to be using until moving day anyway, but you’ll also want to have them at the back of the removal vehicle so they’re first out when you get to your new property. Electronics such as televisions and computers will also be a last-minute packing requirement, so make sure you have boxes they will securely fit into ready for the move.

If you don’t have the original boxes, Columbia Worldwide Movers have a wide range of packing boxes that are tailor-made for a variety of items so you can always find the perfect box for any item.

     6. Hire Columbia Worldwide Movers for extra help

To truly eliminate stress from your move, do consider hiring a professional moving company such as the Columbia Worldwide Movers team. Highly skilled with many years of experience, you’ll receive a highly professional service, perfectly tailored to your own individual requirements. As an IAMX validated business, you have total peace of mind that your next move is in safe hands.

To find out more about our services, from packing, to moving and storage, do get in touch or visit our website.


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