6 tricks to increase space in your storage unit

These 6 tricks can help you maximise the space in your self-storage unit, make more room, and make it easier to find what you’ re looking for. 

Getting a self-storage unit can be incredibly useful. It’s a great way to de-clutter your home, without having to get rid of anything. You can store out of season items, and those bulky belongings you use infrequently. Many storage facilities will allow you to upgrade to a larger unit if you fill yours up, but why not try our 6 tricks first, to see if you can maximise the space in your unit. You’ll make more room, but you’ll also make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Add shelving

While piling everything up in boxes can be useful for some items, generally you’ll have belongings that need their own space due to being an awkward shape, or that you’d like to keep safely out of the way due to them being fragile. Shelving makes great use of wall space, allowing you to store items at height, and it also gives you places to store items that are more delicate, or that you may need to locate in a hurry.

  1. Use pegboards

Pegboards are another great way to use wall space in your storage unit. Traditionally used to store tools such as spanners and screwdrivers, they can also be used for a wide range of other storage purposes, from hanging bags and winter coats, to excess pans from your kitchen or garden tools.

  1. Put items within other items

When you’re packing stuff up to go to your unit, see how you can condense items and put some of your belongings inside other things. For example, if you’re storing your summer clothes and your holiday suitcases, it makes sense to store the clothes inside the cases. Items such as plant pots can be nested within each other, and any spare space in boxes can be filled with smaller items, just be sure to label your boxes well.

  1. Use boxes that are the same size

You’ll certainly fit more in your unit and find it easier to stack boxes higher if you use boxes of the same size. It can be tempting to use any old boxes you find around the house, but by selecting matching boxes, you’ll make better use of your storage space. The Columbia Movers e-shop has a wide range of sturdy, high quality boxes available, so you can order as many as you want in your chosen size.

  1. Take furniture apart

Furniture can quickly take up a lot of room in a storage facility, so it’s always a good idea to see if it can be quite easily disassembled and stored flat-packed. Just remember to carefully store all the screws and bolts you remove from it, so you know where it is when you want to put it back together again!

  1. Make full use of the ceiling

Depending on your storage facility, you may have the ability to utilise an area of the room that is often overlooked, the ceiling. Bulky items such as bicycles and canoes may be able to be hung from the ceiling, freeing up your floor space for other stuff.

Have you chosen your self-storage facility yet?

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