6+1 tips for a smooth office relocation

With many decades of expertise in office relocation services, here’s 7 tips that can really help to improve the office move experience. 

When it comes to office relocation, time is of the essence. You need a move that’s smooth and stress-free, to ensure your business operations don’t suffer in the process. The aim is to have the least amount of disruption possible, and while it’s a big task, it is possible to have an easy office move. With many decades of expertise in office relocation services, we’ve picked up a lot of tips over the years that can really help to improve the office move experience. Here are 6+1 tips we’d like to share with you…

  1. Get your plans in place early

Good planning is the key to any smooth move, and for an office relocation, it’s vital. It’s easy to put it aside for a while, but as soon as you know you’re going to be moving, it’s definitely a wise idea to make a start with your plans. Moving always takes more time than you envisage. This is a good time to assess your current furniture and equipment and see what may need replacing and what you can get rid of. There’s no point lugging huge desks and boxes of old paperwork to your new premises if it’s all going to be thrown away anyway. Have a plan for what will happen, from packing items, to moving them and decide who will be involved in the process. Get all your packing materials ordered in advance, so you can start packing up anything that isn’t vital, to get a head start on the process. Visit the Columbia Movers e-shop for a wide range of packing materials ready to order.

  1. Let everyone know what is happening

Staff like to be kept in the loop and know what is happening. This move may have an impact on them, so you should listen to their concerns. They may be worried that they will now have a longer commute or have other worries regarding the new premises that you may not have thought of. Regular and open discussion can help to alleviate worries and solve problems before they become an issue.

  1. Set your timeline

As part of your planning process, putting together a timeline can be beneficial and can ensure everything is on track, and not put off until later. Set a date for purchasing your packing materials and remember you may need special boxes for particularly delicate equipment such as computer monitors. Set dates for clearing out cupboards and cabinets, and for cleaning.

  1. Have lots of back-up plans

Have a good think about what could possibly go wrong and make plans for each eventuality. For example, what would you do if for some reason there was delay with getting the keys for your new premises? Could you stay longer in your current premises? If not, could you put everything in storage and have your staff work from home? Be prepared, and ensure you have easy access to a list of phone numbers of everyone involved in or affected by the move.

  1. Don’t forget the cleaning

You may want to have your new premises cleaned before you move in, and it’s likely you’ll also be having your old offices deep cleaned, so be sure to get your cleaning services booked in and ready. It’s also a good idea to take plenty of photos so you can verify the condition you left the premises in. This will prevent you from being liable for any damage you didn’t actually cause.

  1. Keep everyone in the loop

There’s going to be at least some disruption during the move, so make sure that anyone affected is kept informed. Speak to neighbours and let them know there might be more noise than usual on that day. Let your clients know that you may be out of contact for a while during the move but assure them that it will be business as usual once you’re settled in your new offices.

  1. Choose the right moving company

Choosing a moving company that has a lot of experience with office relocation will ensure your move is handled efficiently and professionally. A good moving company such as Columbia Worldwide Movers takes all the stress and strain away from you and gives you peace of mind that your move will be fast and trouble free.

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