7 tips when choosing a long-term self-storage unit

When it comes to choosing a self-storage facility, here are some tips for ensuring you make the right choice for your needs! 

Having access to a self-storage unit is incredibly useful for so many reasons. You may have a specific short-term need for storage, such as storing your belongings when you’re in the process of moving between homes, or you may want a longer-term solution. Perhaps you’re working overseas for a year, you have business documents and equipment you’d like to store, or maybe you’d simply like to de-clutter your home and store some of your possessions while you’re not using them. For example, why have your house full of Christmas decorations when you only need them over the festive season? It’s so great to have that extra storage space. When it comes to choosing a self-storage facility, here are some tips for ensuring you make the right choice for your needs…

1 – The location

Think about how often you’ll need access to your items. A unit a little out of town might be fine if you don’t require access very often, but if you think there’s any chance you may want to access your belongings on a regular basis and make the best use of your storage space, it’s going to be so much more convenient to choose a unit that’s near your home and easy for you get to.

2 – The opening hours and access

You’ll also want to consider the times of access and how easy it is to get into your unit. What if you suddenly realise, late at night, that the tent for your camping trip the next day is in your self-storage unit? Can you easily visit your unit and get your belongings? Or is it closed? A facility with 24-hour access 7 days a week is definitely the best choice to cover all eventualities and gives you the convenience of visiting during the evenings or at weekends to fit around your own plans.

3 – Is it safe and secure?

Your possessions are important. Whether they’re vital documents, valuable heirlooms, or just those things that have great sentimental value to you, you need to know that they’re safe. So, check out the security and safety measures that are in place. Is there 24 monitoring and surveillance? Is the area well lit? Do they have smoke alarms and a sprinkler system installed?

4 – How much does it cost?

Carefully check the quotes you receive and compare them. It’s really important to find out exactly what is included, as you may find that the best quote doesn’t actually include some of the extras that are automatically included with other companies. Hidden costs can really bump up the price, so opt for a company that offers clear, transparent pricing.

5 – Is it suitable for your items?

Think about the items you wish to store and any special conditions you’ll need to store them. Do your items need to be stored at a specific temperature or humidity level? Are your items particularly large? There’s little point in renting a space big enough for a boat if all you want to store are a few small boxes.


6 – Check insurance options

Unless you already have the items insured, you should look at storage facilities that offer insurance for the belongings while they’re in storage. Ensure you’re covered for all eventualities such as fire, theft, and water damage.

7 – Read reviews

Check out online ratings and reviews to get an overview of what other people thought of the storage facilities. By doing this you’ll discover any worrying issues such as inconvenient access hours or hidden costs.

Choosing a self-storage unit or a warehouse

Our final bonus tip for you, is that you should definitely consider self-storage units above renting a warehouse. Warehouses come in one size… large! Self-storage units are available in a wide range of sizes, so you only need to pay for the space you’re going to use, and you’ll also have to opportunity to upsize or downsize if your requirements change. Self-storage units are generally better located with warehouses being relegated to out-of-town locations due to their size. In addition, you’ll usually find self-storage facilities are much better equipped for safety and security than warehouses. Rent a warehouse and you’ll usually have to take care of your own security which can be very costly.

Want to know more?

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