8 tricks, tips, and smart ways to store your Christmas decorations

Taking your Christmas decorations down? Save time and hassle with these great tips and tricks for storing your festive decorations! 

Christmas decorations certainly give your home a magical feel over the festive season. A beautifully decorated tree, swags and wreaths around the home, holiday lights and outdoor decorations to share the Christmas spirit with passers-by, friends, and family.

Bringing your home to life with Christmas colour and twinkling lights is wonderful, but as there’s no such thing as too many Christmas decorations, we can easily go a little overboard and find ourselves with a lot to store once the festivities are over. Additionally, many Christmas decorations can be delicate and fragile, so it’s important to store your decorations carefully, to save you time and hassle next year.

Here are some great tips and tricks for storing your festive decorations!

  1. Get the tree back in its box

When you buy an artificial Christmas tree, it comes in a nice box, which you keep, all ready to put it back into after Christmas. But no matter how hard you try; the box appears to have shrunk and you simply can’t get that tree back in. The trick to this, is to use old belts, tighten them around the branches and draw them in. Fasten the belt, and you’ll have a nice, neat tree that will easily go back in its box.

  1. Use clear storage boxes

It may be a simple solution but investing in clear plastic storage boxes can be really beneficial when you’re searching for your Christmas decorations next year. Perhaps you alternate your Christmas colour scheme each year and so with this system, you can easily find what you need without having to open every box.

  1. Label everything

Think of clever ways to label your decorations that will save you time. You may want to note the colour of the ornaments in a box, perhaps you store the decorations for each room in a separate box, or maybe you have decorations of different lengths and sizes. That information could be very useful, when you know you want the extra-large garland for around a doorway, and there are five other similar garlands all in the same box.

  1. Remove batteries before storage

It’s easy to forget to remove batteries from musical or light-up Christmas decorations, but by being in storage for nearly a year, there’s plenty of time for them to corrode and you may find your decorations don’t work when you get them out again. So be sure to remove the batteries at the end of the season.

  1. Take care with fragile baubles

It’s such a shame when your favourite decorations break. We may put them carefully in a box, but then that box may be moved around and jostled throughout the year resulting in breakages. A little extra care is needed with your most fragile decorations, take time to wrap them in bubble wrap, store them in egg cartons, and don’t put too many decorations in one box.

  1. A suit protector makes handy wrapping paper storage

A hanging suit protector is just perfect for storing rolls of wrapping paper. It keeps them together, and you can hang it up for easy storage. It also keeps the dust off the paper, so if you like to stock up on those bargain rolls in the January sales, they’ll be all ready for you in December.

  1. Make sure outdoor lights are clean and dry

Outside lights and decorations can get wet and dirty over the winter. Take time to give them a good clean and leave them in a warm room to fully dry out before storing them, and you’re doing your best to prolong the life of your decorations so you can enjoy them year after year.

  1. Invest in a self-storage unit

Christmas decorations are so fun and magical, but of course you don’t want them up all year round, so they spend most of the year in storage. Decorations are bulky, and they take up valuable space in your home. Whether you store them in your garage, your attic, or your cellar, couldn’t that space be better utilised? Free up that space by placing your decorations in a secure storage unit where they’ll be safe and sound until the next Christmas.

Choose a high quality and affordable storage solution

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