8 ways to ensure a smooth office relocation in Cyprus

Your business is growing, you’ve outgrown your old offices so you’re relocating to bigger and better premises. These are exciting times! Your new office is going to be just perfect for your business, but there’s just one stumbling block in the way – you’ve got to move there! You need to get this done swiftly to minimise down time, so here are 8 ways to make your move go smoothly…


  1. Start planning straight away

Once you’ve decided on an office move, even if the new office isn’t available for several months, don’t put off making a start. Visit your new premises and measure up, decide where everything will go, which room everyone will be in and make a list of any new equipment you will need. Draw up a floor plan so everyone helping with the move, your removal company and your employees will know which room is for what purpose and where everything needs to be.


  1. Book the removal company

Find a removal company with a good reputation, and one that is experienced in commercial moves. It’s a good idea to get this sorted well in advance as the best companies could become booked up just when you need them.


  1. Make sure your IT team are ready

Internet and phone connections are vital for any business, so it’s really important to make a plan with your IT department early in the process. Get in touch with your suppliers to ensure you’re connected as soon as you move to your new premises. If you’re not too tech-savvy yourself, it may be well worth taking an IT specialist around the new offices to check out the facilities and suggest any extra equipment that may be needed.


  1. Clear out before you go

If you can de-clutter your office before the move, it’s less to move. Shred paperwork and get rid of old furniture and equipment you won’t be using in the new office.


  1. Order new items to your new premises

It can be tempting to order new desks and chairs etc. early, which is wise, but a good tip is to schedule their delivery to the new office once you have access to it, rather than having them delivered to the new premises as you’ll only have to move them again when moving day comes around.


  1. Make sure your address is changed everywhere

Your address is in so many places and you’ll need to make sure it’s changed in all of them. Get in touch with clients and suppliers, update your website and get new stationery printed so you’re all ready.


  1. Be careful with your calendar

It’s a good idea to keep your diary free for a few days before and after the move. Try to avoid any tight deadlines and important meetings. You can’t presume your office will be up and running straight away, there may be hiccups along the way. This will help to keep the stress levels to a minimum.


  1. Get your employees on board with the plan

Make sure everyone knows the plan for moving day. People can be concerned about change, so ensuring everyone knows what is happening will help people adjust easier. When your employees are packing up their own items from their desks, make sure they write their names on their boxes so they can be easily placed in the right part of the new office, and nothing will go astray.


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