Christmas is over. Here are 5+1 tips to pack all Christmas decorations!

All those beautiful festive decorations have looked stunning over Christmas. Perhaps you’ve even bought a few more to add a little extra magic to your home? But now the festivities are over, it’s time to take down the decorations and move on to the new year. You’ll want your gorgeous Christmas ornaments to be packed up well so they’ll look as good as new when you get them back out next Christmas, so here are our top tips for the best way to store all your Christmas decorations

  1. Take time with the Christmas lights

You don’t want to start next Christmas getting angry with a big tangle of fairy lights, so spend a little time now to save yourself a huge headache later! Take each set of lights and carefully wrap them around a piece of cardboard. Secure them in place with a cable tie and then place each set in a separate bag so there’s no way they can get tangled together.


  1. Store wreaths in a durable box

A Christmas wreath can be an expensive purchase, but they can soon look tatty and tired if not stored correctly. Place your wreath in a sturdy rugged box and you’ll stop it getting damaged and keep the dust off it too.


  1. Keep paper items in plastic folders

You may well have some left over cards, labels or wrapping paper that you’d like to save for next year. Flat items such as cards and labels are best stored in a plastic folder so they don’t get crumpled and a plastic bag for the wrapping paper will ensure it doesn’t become spoilt with moisture.


  1. Invest in a Christmas tree bag

When you buy a Christmas tree, it comes in a box. Once it’s been out of the box and erected once, chances are it will never again fit back in that box properly no matter how hard you try. So you can get the whole family to push and squeeze and sit on the box while you attempt to tie it up with string, or you could save yourself the hassle and buy a Christmas tree bag with ample room for your tree.


  1. Use egg cartons for delicate ornaments

Small, fragile ornaments are easily broken, so an egg carton makes the perfect safe home for the most delicate items from your tree to keep them safe until next year.


  1. Store your decorations out of your home

Christmas decorations take up a lot of space in your home, and you know you won’t need them for many months now. By renting a self storage unit to keep your Christmas decorations in, you can free up space in your home, and also you’re removing the risk of accidentally damaging any of them as you move boxes around in your loft etc. We offer storage solutions of all sizes, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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