Columbia Movers: Here’s What You Think about Our Services

Fully catering to the ever-changing needs of our clients has been the very essence of the services of Columbia Movers. Facing the challenges of an increasingly globalised world, Columbia World Wide Movers strives to meet the demands and needs of each and every one of our clients. 

To ensure that, we conducted a survey. We’ve sent a questionnaire to our clients, asking them to share their thoughts and provide feedback and constructive criticism that would help us better understand your needs, adapt and improve our services.

Below, we present the results of our survey, which proved truly inspiring and encouraging.


Here’s What You Think of Us

First of all, more than 97% of our clients stated that our facilities served their needs at a degree that would be described either as “excellent”, or “very good” – an astonishing percentage, considering the range of services offered to a wide variety of clients, from homeowners and professionals to businesses and big companies.

When asked to rate the “value for money” ratio of our services in as scale of 0 to 20, three out of four of our clients gave it a grade of at least 13, and more than 40% a 16.

Even more impressive was the approval of our self-storage booking feature, since more than 97% of our clients find it easy to navigate it, even though more than half of them had never used it before.

When asked to compare our services with those of our competitors, more than 77% find it superior, stating no less than 28 different reasons for choosing us over other self-storage providers, including:

  • easy access 24/7
  • the proximity of our facilities to the nearest city
  • the quality of our services and facilities
  • our professionalism and reputation
  • the possibility of paying monthly online

One of our esteemed clients, Svetlana Filcenko, said: “Before I came to you, I used the services of competitors. I like your storage conditions better.” Note, that none of our clients found our services inferior to those of our competitors.

Last, we asked our clients to state what would they say to someone who asked about us. One of our clients said “I always recommend you and encourage my friends to use your services. You are a friendly and professional team.” Another one commented “I would highly recommend your facility and services to everyone”, while Gavrilenko Oleg described us as the “the only real self-storage in Cyprus, with the best features needed.”


Well aware of how living in an urban environment begs for a constant lookout for storage facilities and moving services, and being the sole self-storage provider in Cyprus following UK and USA safety and quality standards, Columbia Movers remains focused on a sole goal – to exceed your expectations.

We wish to thank you for the time you devoted to providing us with important feedback, as well as for trusting us with your valuable possessions.

Book your self-storage unit online, with just a few clicks and feel free to contact Columbia World Wide Movers for more information and solutions, tailored to your needs!


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