Columbia Movers is here to serve your need!

Whether you want to move your house or business locally or abroad, Columbia Worldwide Movers are by your side!

Whether you want to move your house or business locally or abroad, Columbia Worldwide Movers are by your side. No matter how big or small, our trained team offers a professional, trustworthy, effective with customized experience with the key focus to be in our customers’ needs.

 We provide a complete door-to-door removals service for moving all of your belongings, individuals or business, overseas or within Cyprus. Quite simply, this means we take care of every aspect of your move until you have moved in and settled in to your new home or business. 


Residential Removals

Moving involves a number of steps. Some of them are complicated and some minuscule. Yet moving is an exciting time of transition and new opportunities. We know that every move is as individual as you are. With the help of Columbia Movers, you don’t have to worry about all of the small details. Our household moving services take care of all of the problems that could arise in the move and resolve them so you don’t deal with distractions.

Our services cover all your needs, including Professional Packing and Unpacking Services, Transportation Services and lifting machines, Specialist removals for valuable possessions, such as fine art, antiques and pianos, Safe and secure storage 

So, why would you want to be bogged down with fitting odd-shaped dishes into a tiny box when you could be determining the final paint color of your new kitchen? Why figure out which hotel parking lot is big enough to fit a moving truck when you have to find the best new school for your children? Trust us to simplify your move.

Business Moving 

You care about your employees, and it’s important to you that their relocation is as worry-free as possible. At Columbia Movers, we know how complicated it can seem, which is why we’re with you and your employees every step of the way. 

A work relocation involves a lot of moving parts, but we ensure that the details are taken care of. A move manager will provide a single point of contact throughout the whole process, making what could feel overwhelming instead stay worry-free.

After all, we’re aware that your business has to function and operate even when a business move is in progress. That is the reason that our professional and trained teams take time to understand your exact requirements and objectives so your business will continue to operate throughout the moving process. 

Columbia Movers offer a full range of commercial relocation services, from internal office moves and multi-site relocations to specialist moves. 


International Moves

An international move is a big undertaking, but Columbia Movers As a member of the FIDI can offer a high-quality removal service all around the world. From shipping your belongings internationally to relocating your pets, you can count on us to ensure that everything is done safely and efficiently. And every step of the way, our team will be ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. 

If you’re in need of storage during the process of making an international move, Columbia Movers can help with that, too. We can store your belongings in a way that’s convenient for you.



Every International move is tailored specifically for your needs. From the moment you first get in touch with us, our team will help you plan your overseas move. There’s no need for you to worry about overseas shipping, we will meticulously plan and organize your home or business relocation from door to door.


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