Columbia Movers is prepared for your moving needs!

Regarding COVID-19, we obtain every safety measure sincerely because simple precautions and planning can make a big difference.

Columbia Movers is available and serve every need of yours.  

Regarding COVID-19, we obtain every safety measure sincerely because simple precautions and planning can make a big difference.

We assist our employees to follow every specific health and safety practices, such as using gloves, antiseptic liquids and textile fabrics for cleaning surfaces. Moreover, we promote constant hand-washing by employees, contractors and customers and good respiratory hygiene in the workplace. In spite of any symptoms or feel unwell, employees are obligate to stay at home in order to keep the workplace environment free from infection. Our professionalism and health and safety protocol are the reason which we have not experienced any symptoms or case of Coronavirus 


Additionally, Columbia Movers treat every house or flat removal by a professional and reliable manner in sequence to ensure that every customer keeps a peace of mind. Moving can be frustrating and hard in order to keep in mind, every little detail which needs to be done. 

However, Columbia Movers got you covered. With a significant background of experience and highly trained house removals team, we provide an excellent service and we undertake every little detail of your moving requirements in the moving process. For instance, we assist and guide you from the very start of our first communication, starting from the planning and packing, and moving through to the actual move. 

Specifically, our company is one of the few companies in Cyprus which is a member of the leading removal International associations. We are proud to be members of the FIDI, BAR, IAM and EURA 


By enduring a membership of these associations, leads us to the fact that we keep up with the solid quality, service and financial standards we apply. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of our moving services. 


Columbia Movers ensure to assist you with every need you may have. No matter if it’s a house or a flat, our removals team will obtain a personalised service and safe transit of all your belongings. You can contact us for any advice may have according to your move.   



Please note that Columbia Movers is still performing moves and work with the regulations and restrictions in place as per Cyprus Government and Health Organization.
Should there be major changes with regards to the regulations and restrictions in the Cyprus, we will make sure you are informed. 


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