Columbia World-Wide Movers Has Obtained the Cyber Essential Scheme Certification!

Columbia World-Wide Movers is proud to announce that it is now certified with the Cyber Essential Scheme.

Columbia World-Wide Movers is proud to announce that it is now certified with the Cyber Essential Scheme, which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the firm and all its departments, as well as the data of all its esteemed clients, are safeguarded against any type of cyber-attack.


A Few Words About Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a simple, yet highly effective Government-backed scheme, designed to help companies and entities to shield their organisation, no matter their size, against cyber-attacks.

Nowadays, despite their diversity, cyber-attacks feature a rather basic nature, and their majority is performed by fairly unskilled individuals – much like a thug striving to break into your store or offices. Cyber Essentials is designed to protect firms from such cyber villains.

Offering three levels of engagement, namely familiarisation of the firm with cybersecurity terminology and ways of securing their IT, basic certification, or Cyber Essentials Plus certification, it provides a high level of skill and expertise that guarantees an organisation’s safety.


A Few Words About the Certification

Cyber Essential Certification verifies that a firm’s or organisation’s cyber defences are indeed powerful enough to repel the vast majority of common cyber-attacks. The certification process involves a series of training sessions that ensure all key executives in an organisation know how to protect their departments in the internet., especially now that the GDPR regulations has rocked the world of e-commerce.

Ever since GDPR came into effect, in May 2018, organisations and firms have to increase their level of security, especially regarding the safety and protection of privacy of their customers and clients. Columbia World-Wide Movers has always considered the safety of its clients a top priority and took immediate action to comply with the GDPR requirements. Being certified with Cyber Essentials is just one of the measures the firm took and is a token of the extent of its efforts to ensure prime quality services to all those that have honoured it with their trust.

Let it be also noted that the information security required by the GDPR goes far beyond cybersecurity, including several physical and organisational security measures that are essential for the protection of our client’s personal information.

We value your privacy and the trust you have shown us by asking for our help. You, our clients, are our most precious asset and we intend to protect it at all costs.

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