Columbia World-Wide Movers Takes Social Responsibility Seriously: So, Let’s Hippo together!

Columbia World-Wide Movers has always taken its social responsibility seriously, considering offering help to those in need is not merely an obligation, but also a privilege.

In this light, supporting the program “Cooking and Offering of the “Sophia for Children” institute was an idea we embraced with fervour and joy.

This particular program is designed to offer lunch to children in numerous schools across Cyprus, whose families find it difficult to make ends meet. In an effort to further support this commendable initiative, several firms active on the island, including Columbia World-Wide Movers, have put the strength and might of 20 hippos behind it!

“Let’s Hippo” is an artistic depiction of the journey of 20 hippos that commenced their journey all the way over in Africa, crossed valleys, savannas, even seas, and arrived in Cyprus. The whole idea originated from the little stone hippos of the “Sophia for Children” institution, which are made by children in Kenya, with love and devotion.

Hence, with the help of Panikos Tempriotis, who served as the event’s artistic supervisor, 20 large-size hippos were made from fibreglass in Cyprus (80 cm wide, 120 cm tall, and 160 cm long). Next, they were adorned, stylized, and signed by famous Cypriot artists, including Spiros Agathou, Andros Efstathiou, Doros Heracleous, Elina Ioannou, John Giannis, Glaucos Coumidis, Nikos Kouroucies, Lia Lapithe, Andreas Macariou, Mirto Macridou, Panagiotis Michael, Elena Nikolaou and Leda Simeonidou, Panagiotis Pasantas, Charalampos Sergiou, Vaso Hatzouli Sergiou, Marsella Sramcova, Panicos Tempriotis, Antonis Tziarridis, Ntine Christophorou and Nitsa Xatzigeorgiou.

Each of the hippos will be adopted by a firm for a donation of €5000, a sum that will greatly augment the work and effort of the “Sophia for Children.” Each participating company will get its own hippo randomly, through a draw, in an event that will take place on June 27th in the Presidential Residence, under the auspices of the President of the Democracy and Mrs Anastasiadi.

Being one of the firms that has rushed to participate and support this commendable initiative, assuring safe packing, storage, transport and delivery of the Hippos, Columbia World-Wide Movers will stand by this herd of life- and joy-giving hippos, as they continue their journey and give a chance to children from all of Cyprus to come and see them up-close. They will be hosted from 2 to 12 July in the Mall of Cyprus, and from 13 to 29 July in the Hermes Airports, in the airport of Larnaca. Everyone will also have the chance to offer help to the children who need it through various actions, like taking selfies with the hippos and giving money by buying t-shirts created by new and skilled designers.

Giving and sharing is the best path to wisdom and happiness – that is our philosophy. So, let’s Hippo Together for the children!


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