Columbia Worldwide Movers is awarded the FAIM “Confirmation of Quality Assurance certificate” by FIDI

Our FAIM “Confirmation of Quality Assurance” certificate allows you to have peace of mind that your move is in safe and expert hands. 

At Columbia Movers, the mission is simple, to offer the best possible service based on experience, skill, and attention to detail. Our aim to excel in everything we do and exceed all customer expectations is something we achieve on a daily basis. We believe it is vital to offer relocation and storage solutions that are tailored to every individual’s requirements, and to build a great relationship with our customers. We offer peace of mind, a reliable and professional expert service, and in return we truly appreciate the loyalty of our customers and the word-of-mouth recommendations that mean so much to us.

We always strive to achieve, and we are certainly up for any challenge, so we are incredibly proud to have successfully attained FAIM certification from FIDI:

“For demonstrating a consistently high level of quality, it is with great pleasure that we note your performance related to the FAIM Internal Audit requirements and we would hereby like to award you the FAIM “Confirmation of Quality Assurance” certificate”.

Achievement of this award is no easy feat, it’s the very highest industry accolade, and it certainly isn’t bestowed without a great deal of consideration from FIDI. Our performance was assessed to ensure we comply with the high-quality standards associated with FAIM, and we successfully passed the FAIM Internal Audit requirements for 2020.

Our FAIM “Confirmation of Quality Assurance” certificate allows you to have peace of mind that your move is in safe hands. You can rely on our expert team to ensure all your requirements are met, and your relocation goes ahead safely, smoothly, without stress, and on time.

If you’d like more information about our highly acclaimed relocation services or storage solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for personalised advice.



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