Cyprus Invests in Digital and Green Shipping

Shipping in Cyprus will be transformed into a more efficient, more effective, and more ecologically sound industry.

With a newly elected government, it’s a time to focus on priorities, and in Cyprus, priority has been placed firmly on enhancing maritime administration with regard to green credentials and digital transformation.

This is a trend that we are seeing across the globe, and this positive impact on shipping, and on the planet, is very welcome at a time when sustainability and green issues are more important than ever.

Cyprus is known worldwide as a world-class maritime centre. With its unique location at the crossroads of three continents, it is no surprise that shipping has been part of life on the island of Cyprus for many centuries. It’s a well-established industry, and one that is continually growing and developing. Now the government has decided to place the emphasis on ensuring the Cyprus shipping industry is on track to achieve its decarbonisation goals on target.

In order to escalate the achievement of these goals, the Cyprus government has pledged to show extra support to shipowners and operators by offering green tax incentives to encourage the use of alternative fuels and promote the use of more environmentally friendly options such as hydrogen and biofuels.

The efforts are also focused on digital transformation and the simplification of maritime procedures. This is a many-faceted approach that will ultimately see shipping in Cyprus transformed into a more efficient, more effective, and more ecologically sound industry.

There are currently plans to look into a range of fleet optimisation methods, using cutting-edge solutions, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Shipping Deputy Minister, Marina Hadjimanoli recently addressed the Annual Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum and confirmed that Cyprus has already made significant progress in addressing the issues of over-complicated procedures and excessive bureaucracy. The industry has also made great headway toward having a paperless maritime administration.

One exciting concept put forward by the Shipping Deputy Minister is the establishment of a central framework, a one-stop-shipping centre that will optimise the business processes of the shipping ministry and maximise operational efficiency.

As a maritime nation, these changes are set to have a far-reaching and highly positive impact. For shipowners and operators, shipping businesses, and customers wanting quick, stress-free, efficient, reliable, and low-cost shipping solutions, this is all excellent news.

These new changes will help protect our environment for future generations and will encourage investment, bringing job creation and economic growth. For us personally, we welcome any positive changes and simplifications of the shipping processes that mean we can deliver even better transportation solutions for our customers. We are keen to adopt new technologies to move forward into an increasingly digital era. We care deeply about the environment and are also keen to discover new ways to reduce our environmental impact. But most of all, we love to offer the very best service to you, our customers, and we feel that these new government initiatives are going to bring forward many opportunities that we can leverage to make our already excellent service, even better!


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