FAIM 2023 Audit: FIDI Top Performer – Columbia Worldwide Movers

We are so happy to announce that once again, we have achieved the prestigious FIDI-FAIM certification and have been declared a FIDI Top Performer.

We are so happy to announce that once again, we have achieved the prestigious FIDI-FAIM certification and have been declared a FIDI Top Performer. FIDI is the leading global body for the moving industry, and as such, sets the very high standards we strive to achieve. Only when a business passes the many quality control measures of FIDI’s rigorous audits will it be awarded the accolade of FIDI-FAIM certification. Having accomplished this yet again, we are incredibly proud of our business and every member of staff here at Columbia Worldwide Movers who always go the extra mile to ensure every move goes perfectly smoothly.  

What does FIDI-FAIM certification mean for you? 

FIDI doesn’t give out this accreditation lightly. Its criteria are stringent, and it expects nothing less than perfection in all aspects of our business. The audit process is complex and in-depth, and so, in short, what our FAIM certification offers to you, is peace of mind that we have been thoroughly vetted for quality and service and we have passed a series of rigorous tests. During the course of the audit, there are over 200 requirements that must be met, covering every aspect of service.  

When you choose Columbia Worldwide Movers for your international move, you can rest assured that you will receive the same high level of service regardless of which country you’re moving to or from. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the world, you can be sure that your precious belongings are in the safe hands of our highly experienced and well-trained expert removal team, and you’ll receive the very highest standard of customer care. From calling us or dropping us a line via our website for your initial enquiry, through to moving day, we’re always here to help and advise you, every step of the way.  

Whether you choose us for your next move or not (and we hope you do!), we strongly recommend that you choose a moving company with FIDI-FAIM certification, as it is the ultimate industry accreditation.  

What does FIDI-FAIM certification mean to us? 

This esteemed certification means the world to us. It confirms to us that we are offering the very best service and that we stand out from the crowd. That is what we strive for. For nearly 3 decades we have forged forward with the same ethos, with our focus on quality, reliability, and safety alongside knowledge, expertise, and courtesy. Being FIDI-FAIM certified also spurs us on to grow and continually improve our services. FAIM certification does not last forever. Businesses must be regularly reassessed in order to ensure that the standards are being maintained over time. We are dedicated to maintaining our FIDI FAIMPLUS certification and bringing you the superior level of service you’ve come to expect from Columbia Worldwide Movers.    

So we’d like to thank the FIDI-FAIM team for making out latest audit a smooth and stress-free process. Of course, a huge thank you goes out to all the team who work with us at Columbia Movers, we wouldn’t have this amazing accreditation without you. And finally, we’d like to show our massive appreciation to all our customers, many of whom come back to us time and time again. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thank you!  

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