How can I get a formal quote for my move?

Contact us by email or phone, giving us basic information for your move including destination if known. Then we will arrange for the surveyor to come to your property for an accurate estimate of the volume. This survey is free and will be completed at a mutual convenient day and time. The surveyor will discuss with you all your requirements, advice you on customs regulations at the country you are moving and any prohibited items. Based on this information the Move Manager will prepare a quotation for you which will be posted or emailed to you in a few days. The Move Manager will follow up to discuss the quote and any inquiries.

Should I get in transit Insurance for International Goods?

Of course we will do everything possible to ensure the safe arrival of your items at their destination. We do however recommend that you take out Insurance as accidents can happen and mistakes by third party handling are possible.

How to calculate the insurance cover amount?

Always insure your items for full replacement value at destination, it is not advisable to under insure your items.

The Insurance Proposal Form must be completed and returned to your Move Manager prior to the packing and collection date.

If you need any assistance with regards to completing the form, your Move Manager will be able to talk you through it.

Remember to extend your Insurance if you are planning on putting your items into store prior to shipping or at destination. Your Move Manager will also remind you.

What is the difference of Self Storage with Common storage?

Self Storage is shorthand of “self-service storage” where tenants rent their own personal unit and can have access 24 hours per day, seven days per week at the premises where high end security systems are in place. They can move things in or out of storage at their own convenience. Of course we can provide customers packing materials, which you can find on-line at our Removal shop and provide transport services in/out of storage as well. You can contact our office for a quote.

How do I choose the ideal Self storage size Unit?

According to the tenants need we have different unit sizes from 3 up to 12 square meters.  Our storage manager can help you choose the ideal unit according to your needs. Contact us by email or phone or book your online reservation here.

Do you sell packing materials?

Yes we can sell you any packing materials you need for your move. You can visit our online Removal shop to see the different sizes and use of each box. You can collect the boxes from our Limassol warehouse or we can deliver at your house.

How will my goods be transported?

Your move Manager will discuss with you the best and most economical method of shipment-sea,air,road or perhaps a combination of all three. We will give you the cost and give you an estimate of expected time of arrival.

What happens to my goods when they arrive at the destination country?

Columbia works only with highly accredited and checked removal agents worldwide, all members of international removal associations.  The appointed destination partner will look after your goods when they arrive. You should trust them as they are familiar with the local regulations, conditions and culture.

How much will it cost to move house?

This will depend on what you are moving, where from and to and what type of moving service you require. We can arrange a survey visit to your home and professionally assess the amount of goods you are moving or complete an on-line quote to help us estimate the cost of your move. 

Will you pack and unpack?

You can decide on which export packing service you would like, but we do strongly recommend that you allow us to export pack and wrap all items. This means we can offer you full insurance, and most customs houses at destination prefer it, so it makes for a smoother clearance and a less stressful move.

Are there any prohibited items I can not ship abroad?

Depending on the country you are moving to there are different import customs regulations and prohibited items. The Move manager will give you detail information about these items in advance. Usually you are not allowed to move food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, guns etc.

How long will my move abroad take?

This depends on how much you are taking, but a standard 3 bed house will usually take 2 days to pack and then there is the shipping time to your international destination. 

Can I take my car?

Some countries make it easy for you to ship your car with your effects, however some countries apply high duties and a lot of red tape in order to dissuade you from bringing your car in! Some countries even prohibit car importation completely. Always check with the office or your Move Consultant during your free home survey.

How can we get a quote to relocate our business?

Normally, where possible, we come to the site to carry out a free no obligation survey. This allows us to provide an accurate quotation which will include a full proposal of the planning and method of the move , insurance details and any additional information which will be of help to support our proposal.

We would prefer to move our business at a weekend or out of hours is this possible?

 Yes, we have resources in place to support our client's moves 24-7 to reduce the impact of moving on your day-to-day business.

Can you move heavy items such as safes or fire proof cabinets?

Yes, we have the right equipment and staff knowledge to undertake these types of services.