Global Shipping Challenges: An update statement on Ocean Freight Market

Current challenges in the global shipping industry can affect our customers. Read an update on Ocean Freight Market, with information we have received from FIDI 

As a business, we believe it is important to pass on all information that could affect our customers, and so we are relaying information we have received from FIDI regarding the current challenges facing the global shipping industry.

What is FIDI?

FIDI is a highly acclaimed global body that sets high quality standards within the moving industry, and we are part of its global alliance of quality-certified international moving and relocation companies. Our FIDI-FAIM certification, achieved through a series of rigorous audits, gives you peace of mind that all our services and practices are of a very high standard.

What are the current challenges?

The recent statement from FIDI regarding global shipping challenges outlines the current issues facing all global moving companies and their customers and these are…

  • An unexpected increase in demand following pandemic restrictions being lifted – It is estimated that for every container place available, there are two containers waiting to take that place.
  • A reduction in the number of containers and availability of shipping vessels – With port and ship lockdowns, and COVID-related staff shortages, there has been a decrease in the availability of vessels. Additionally, due to disruptions, containers have been stuck in ports and there is reduced capacity to transport the empty containers to where they are needed.
  • Driver shortages – With less drivers available to transport goods, there is reduced availability of container transportation slots to and from the ports.

What impact does this have on global moving services?

There are several repercussions of these current issues.  These include…

  • Longer booking times – With an all-time low level of availability, wait times to book a slot on a vessel can currently be in the region of two months. So, while previously, an international move could take place at short notice, forward planning is now essential.
  • Price increases – Shipping lines are adding congestion and service surcharges to cover potential knock-on impact of missed slots and so shipping prices have increased.
  • Increased all-round unpredictability – Currently, even a small disruption can quickly upset the logistics of global shipping and so delays, and price increases can occur with little notice.
  • Additionally, COVID breakouts and the resulting staff shortages can cause further problems at short notice and so the situation at the moment is rather volatile.

We’re always working hard to ensure your move is smooth

If you’re planning a move, then firstly, don’t panic, we are as always here to help. FIDI and everyone in the moving industry are doing all they can to alleviate the impact of these current issues.

We do advise you to plan well in advance and bear in mind that there may be delays. We will of course be keeping abreast of all the latest developments and will keep you informed if there is anything that could affect your move. Our company ethos of ensuring every moving experience is smooth, streamlined, and positive always stands.  If you have any questions or concerns, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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