Hello Autumn! Summer equipment you need to store

Summer is over! But where are you going to put all that summer gear? You’ve got to store it somewhere!

It’s been a wonderful summer hasn’t it? All those days at the beach, the camping trips, the family bike rides. Now the summer is over and it’s time to look forward to more indoor fun, movie nights and all the winter festivities. Where are you going to put all that summer gear? There seems to be more of it every year, and you’ve got to store it somewhere!

You could distribute it all over the house, in the garage, under the bed, but then you’ll feel so cluttered all over autumn and winter. Instead, why not make use of a self-storage unit and get all your summer equipment out of the way until you need it again? Out of sight, out of mind, and a clear, clutter free home. Perfect!


Some things you may like to store for the winter…

It’s amazing how much you can put away for the winter that you just won’t need until the summer comes around again.


Camping gear

Camping gear takes up so much space. There’re the tents, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, folding chairs and table, a stove, the list goes on. Camping just isn’t as fun when the weather takes a turn for the worse, so put all your gear into storage now.


Outdoor furniture

Your outdoor patio furniture can deteriorate if it’s left outside over winter, but it does take up a lot of space and many of us simply don’t have that much room in our garage or shed. Self-storage is the perfect solution for keeping your garden furniture in great condition.



Don’t let your BBQ rust outside in the rain over winter, put it into storage and it’ll be like new next year when you get it out again.


Bikes and kayaks

If you’re a fair-weather cyclist, you just know you’re not going to be using your bike again until next year, so put it into storage, along with any other summer sporting equipment.


Summer clothes

Sadly, the days of shorts, vests and flip flops are coming to an end. You’re simply not going to need them, so free up that wardrobe space and put them into storage.


Beach supplies

Have a good look around your house for all those other summer things you just won’t need. The picnic bag, a windbreak, a beach umbrella, surf boards and pool inflatables. Store them safely out of the way.


Columbia Wold-Wide Movers Self Storage is the perfect solution

When you choose Columbia World-Wide Movers Self Storage, you can choose a unit that’s the perfect size for your belongings, so you’re not paying for space you just don’t need. You can also access your unit 24/7 so if you suddenly decide you really do want to go for a bike ride, or there’s a freak winter heatwave, it’s so easy to visit your unit and get what you need. We can even provide your packing materials. So, if you’d like to learn more, or want a quote for your storage needs, get in touch with us.

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