Here’s what to pack first (and last) before you move

Packing can take longer than you think, so give yourself plenty of time and you’ll cut out that feeling of panic as moving day looms with these tips. 

With moving day approaching, you can be filled with emotions, the excitement, the anticipation, but also the worry and stress. But your big day doesn’t need to be stressful, and with plenty of preparation in advance, you’ll be doing all you can to ensure your move goes smoothly and without incident. Once you know you’ll be moving, it’s really never too early to start preparing for moving day. Packing can take longer than you think, so give yourself plenty of time and you’ll cut out that feeling of panic as moving day looms and you’re not ready for it.

  • Have a big clear out

Every item you get rid of now, is one thing you won’t have to pack, move, unpack and find a new place for in your new home. We all accumulate things we just don’t want or need any more. Stuff your kids have grown out of, items that you’ve since replaced and were keeping ‘just in case’, unwanted gifts, perhaps even boxes of belongings you’ve had in the loft unopened since your last move. Start decluttering now and you could even sell some of your unwanted items and make some cash to spend on your new home.

  • Pack seasonal items

There are plenty of things in your home that you just know you won’t need until after the move, so this is a great area to start. In summer, you won’t be needing your Christmas decorations or your winter coats, while in the winter months you may decide that you won’t be needing camping gear and garden items. Find a place to gather all the items you know are ready to go on moving day and keep adding to it.

  • Pack wall hangings and ornaments

Decorative items make a house look like a home, but you can easily do without them for a while, and they can often be delicate so require a little extra effort in packing. So, get this job done early and carefully wrap all your ornaments, pictures, and mirrors ready for moving day.

  • Pack everything that isn’t totally necessary

Now is a good time to look around each room and work out exactly what you can live without until moving day. You can pack up everything else. You can clear your bookshelves, your wardrobes, your kitchen cupboards, just leaving enough to see you through to the move. Pack everything else away and label your boxes with the room they’re headed for, to save you time and hassle when you’re unpacking.

  • Pack the furniture and electronics

Furniture and your entertainment or work electronics will be the last items to pack. You’ll want to take extra care with your electronics that are often both delicate and valuable. It’s wise to label the wires and the remote controls so you can quickly get it all set up when you arrive at your new home. Furniture is often heavy and bulky, so be sure you have enough people on hand to move it safely.


Get the help you need

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