How to prepare your children for a move

6+1 great tips that will help you best prepare your children before moving to your new home. 

Moving home can be a stressful, busy time. It’s easy to get so caught up in all the packing and planning that we forget the impact a move can have on our kids. Children can find moving a traumatic experience, particularly if they’ve never moved house before and all their memories are tied up in your current home. Here are some great ways to ensure the move is as easy and positive as possible for your little ones…

  • Talk about the move regularly

The more you discuss the move, the more they will get used to the concept. It’s a great idea to encourage kids to talk about their worries and concerns. What may seem obvious to us may not be to our little ones, so you can reassure any worries that their favourite toys might not be coming to the new house, or that they won’t have a bedroom anymore. 

  • It’s okay to be sad

Children can often be sad or angry about a house move. You know they’ll settle in just fine, but the upheaval can be difficult for children to deal with, so allow them time to be upset, adapting to change takes time.

  • Let them help make some choices

When kids are given decisions to make with regards to the new home, it can help them feel more involved and part of the process. From helping with choosing new items for the home to picking out paint for their new bedroom, it all helps a child to connect with the new house.


  • Make the goodbyes easier

Saying goodbye to friends can be hard, so make it easier by having plans in place to keep in touch. This might be a visit or regular video calls. Moving away doesn’t mean losing touch. It’s also a nice idea to throw a party a little while before the move, so your kids don’t feel like there were friends they never got to say goodbye to.

  • Help them picture their great new life

If it’s feasible, it’s really beneficial for your kids to visit the new home before you move. Then when you’re talking about it, they can visualise it. They will know their bedroom and you can talk about all the great things you’re going to do there. Be sure to highlight all the positive aspects of the move, perhaps you’re closer to the sea or to a great park, maybe you’ve got a bigger garden so you could get a swing set or a dog. Research local attractions to visit and make some plans for fun things to do.

  • Be prepared to be involved with activities booked

Once your kids make new friends, they’ll feel truly at home, so kick-start the process by enrolling them in some clubs and getting involved in the local community. This can be extra beneficial if you’ve moved during the school holidays, making starting a new school much easier if the kids already have friends there.

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