How to Protect Your Carpet and Flooring During a Move

Understanding how stressful moving out to a new house can be, Columbia movers aim to provide a smooth, efficient, carefree, and stress-free moving experience!

In this article, we provide you with some great tips on how to protect your carpet and flooring during a move – a major concern for many people that turn a new leaf in their lives.

Let’s get down to the details.

1. Cover the Floors or Carpets

This is a no-brainer. Start by covering the floors where movers will be working. Under no circumstances should you ask the crew to remove their shoes, since they are obliged by law to wear them throughout their work – not to mention the risk for their safety. It will also affect their speed and performance.

You could use old carpets, a tarp, or protective runners to cover your hardwood floors or carpets. They suffice to protect the flooring from scratches, bumps and dirt and allow the movers to work faster and easier.

2. Avoid Dragging the Furniture

You should avoid dragging heavy objects and furniture, even if your carpets and floors are covered. You should either lift them or, if they are too heavy, use moving dollies with weight-distributing rubber tires. Also, make sure that you have wrapped in padding the feet of the heaviest pieces of furniture.

3. Beware of Rain

If the day you’ve decided to move proves rainy, try to bring as less water as possible into the house or apartment.

Spread some towels at the entrance to your home and ask politely from anyone to absorb most of the water and hold the mud and dirt.

4. Save Carpet Cleaning for Last

Carpet cleaning is obviously one of the most important things during a move-out, but it would be best to leave it for last. This way you ensure that you will not leave dust or dirt behind, and you won’t have to repeat the process over and over again.

If you have hardwood flooring, it would be nice to clean it and have it polished before you leave.

5. Ask for Professional Help

Needless to say, professional movers have all the necessary equipment (dollies, straps) and know how to treat each object with the utmost care, without damaging it. If you have a sensitive floor or carpet, then the best way to protect them is to hire professionals.

Make sure you inform them about your floor and carpets (type, material, age) and ask them in advance what they plan to do to ensure they are not damaged. You can also ask them to put that in writing. If they refuse to do so or give the impression that they do not pay much attention to your worries, better pick another agency.

Columbia Movers’ well-experienced team handles each move with the same level of professionalism and personal interest, making the new beginning of our clients’ lives as easy and care-free as possible!

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