How to Survive Your Summer Move in 8 steps

Summer is certainly a very popular time to move to a new house. You’ve got the better weather, the kids are off school for the holidays and it’s a lovely time to enjoy your new home.

However, a summer move is not without it’s own stresses and problems. But follow our 8 steps and your move this summer will be as painless and stress free as possible…


  1. Don’t put off your preparation

It can be tempting to delay your moving preparation, the big day seems a long time in the future, but these things have a way of creeping up on us. As soon as you know you are going to move, begin your planning and you’ll eliminate a lot of stress and hassle further down the line. Planning early gives you time to pack which often takes a lot longer than we imagine. It gives you a better chance of booking your first choice removal company and you’ll be generally in less of a panic.


  1. Book your movers asap

With the majority of house moves taking place in the summer months, the demand for movers is very high. Of course all moving companies can only help a certain number of households make their move, so be sure to get in early and book a top-rated moving company such as Columbia Worldwide Movers before they get booked up and you have no choice but to go with a less reputable company.


  1. Know how to keep costs down

Moving over the summer can be more expensive than a winter move, but you can keep the costs down by having a good clear out before you move. Every box of belongings or piece of furniture you get rid of now, is one less item you’ll have to pay to have moved. You could even sell your unwanted possessions and make some extra cash to help with the moving budget.


  1. Pick the best moving day

If you can, it’s better to avoid moving on a weekend, or a national holiday. A good rule of thumb is to pick a weekday in the middle of the month. Don’t forget to consider your children’s school timetable too.


  1. Get packing

Packing seems to take forever so the sooner you start, the easier it will be. Be clever with your labelling and you won’t end up in a mess of random boxes when you get to your new home. The right boxes and packing materials for the job will make a world of difference. Check out the Columbia Worldwide Movers website to discover a wide range of boxes, tailor made to make packing easier for you. There are boxes specially made to take heavy items such as books. Special boxes for crockery and even wardrobe boxes that you can simply place your clothes in on their hangers, making unpacking them a breeze.


  1. The weather can affect your packed items

The hot summer heat can have an adverse effect on many items. Take special care when packing electronic equipment and media such as CDs DVDs and Blu-rays. Plants, perishable foods and wax items such as candles should all be given extra thought during a summer move.


  1. Keep your cool

Moving on a hot day can be problematic and even dangerous. It’s likely you’ll be doing more exercise than perhaps you’re used to, and be out in the sun longer than you really should. So be sure to apply sunscreen and keep well hydrated. It’s important to stop for a break for a drink of water, even if you feel you’re under pressure to keep going. It’s a good idea to keep pets out of the way during the move, perhaps someone else can look after them for you on moving day.


  1. Be wary of rogue moving companies

Don’t be in a hurry to book the first moving company you come across. Be wary of low estimates or companies asking for large deposits. Do your research and pick a company such as Columbia Worldwide Movers who are well established and have a good reputation. A good moving company will always be happy to answer your questions.

To discuss your summer house move and to get a free quotation,  give us a call.

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