Moving Abroad? 5 ways to donate household items before going away

Here are some great ways to get rid of your belongings while helping others…

It’s only when you start planning a move overseas that you truly realise just how much stuff you have in your home. The bigger your house, the more belongings you seem to accumulate. Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those things you really don’t want or need, and to do a good deed at the same time. What is the point of hanging on to all that stuff when someone else could make use of it and really appreciate it?


  1. Donate Furniture to charity

When you’re moving overseas, it’s unlikely you’ll want to take all your furniture with you. Trying to find homes for all your unwanted furniture can be tricky, and you’ll have enough to do planning for your big move. The easiest thing to do is to find a charity that will come and collect your items. They will then give them to people in need of these essential items.


  1. Donate your household goods

So that’s the large items sorted, but what about all those small things that fill your home? Charity shops will take much of it, kitchenware and decorative items are always welcome, but do check if they take electrical appliances as some don’t. Old bedding and towels are often gratefully received by animal shelters and your unwanted books may be appreciated by a school or local library. Of course, you can always ask around your friends and family too, you may be getting rid of something they really need.


  1. Donate your clothes

Getting rid of your clothes is easy, and you can really make a difference. There are plenty of organisations that will take your clothes. They will either sell them to raise money for charity or they may take them overseas to help clothe people in third world countries. Even if your old clothes are tatty, these charities can still make good use of them via recycling projects, so don’t throw away anything that looks a little well-worn.


  1. Donate your food

Of course you won’t be taking your food overseas with you, but it’s likely that by moving day you’ll still have cupboards full! Canned food and other long-life products such as rice, pasta, herbs and spices are perfect to donate to a food bank. Just check that they are in date. If you have pet food spare, then consider dropping these in at an animal sanctuary, or look out for pet food collection points in your local supermarket. When you’re clearing out your perishable items from your fridge and freezer, why not consider offering them to a neighbour rather than simply putting it all in the dustbin?


  1. Can’t donate? Recycle

There’ll always be some things that you can’t donate, and you can’t think of anyone to give them to. Before you simply throw them in the bin, do try to find a way to recycle them rather than having them added to a landfill site. Your local council will be able to advise you on what you can and can’t recycle and how to go about it.


Good luck with the move!

Once you’ve cleared out all the clutter, you’ll feel much more prepared for the big move and your fresh start overseas. Good luck on your new adventure! For more information about our overseas moving services, or to buy packing materials, see here.

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