Moving in the Summer: 11+1 tips for peak moving season

Summer is the busiest season when it comes to moving, so, follow our top tips to ensure your summer move is super smooth and totally stress free! 

The summer months are very convenient for moving home, so it’s no surprise that this season is the busiest when it comes to moving. However, moving in the hottest months of the year can also come with some potential hazards, so follow our top tips to ensure your summer move is super smooth and totally stress free…

  1. Don’t delay – get started early

Moving day is not the day for a lie in. Get up early and get started. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be finished and enjoying your new home. An early start can help you beat the traffic and enable you to get well underway before the midday heat hits. 

  1. Remember to take bottled water

Moving can be strenuous, and so you’re going to get thirsty, especially in the heat of summer. So, remember to take plenty of bottles of water. Pack extra for your movers too, to keep them refreshed! 

  1. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics

Light, breathable fabrics will ensure you’re comfortable for your move. You could be in a hot vehicle for a long time, and you’ll be exerting yourself, so you need to keep cool. Sensible footwear is also a must.

  1. Remember the sunscreen

There’s a lot to think about on moving day, so something as simple as applying sunscreen can easily be overlooked. However, you can quickly burn on a summer move, so it’s really vital to remember! 

  1. Keep electronics out of the heat

Electronics can be damaged when left in the heat for an extended period of time. So, make sure they are the last items to be placed in the removal vehicle and the first to be removed on arrival. It’s also wise to wrap them in a waterproof covering in case of a sudden summer downpour. 

  1. Take a portable fan

 Cheap and easy to get hold of, this little investment can make a world of difference for quickly refreshing you on moving day. 

  1. Turn on the AC in your new home

 If possible, it’s a great idea to turn on your AC the day before the move, so when you arrive, your new home isn’t stiflingly hot. 

  1. Put perishables in coolers

 Avoid food waste and take the contents of the fridge with you but be sure to pack it well in coolers. The same applies to any snacks you’re taking for your journey, and your water bottles too. 

  1. Never underestimate prep time

 Packing for a move takes a lot of time, so you need to be prepared. You don’t want to be packing boxes in a panic on moving day, so start packing up anything you don’t need as early as possible.


  1. Avoid moving on a holiday weekend

Choose a holiday weekend and you’ll be hit with low availability for movers and truck rentals, and you could also encounter some serious traffic delays. 

  1. Expect to pay more

Summer is peak moving season, and so moving companies are in high demand. Expect to pay more for a summer move than you would in the winter. 

  1. Seek help from accredited professional movers

When you choose Columbia Worldwide Movers for your summer move, you know you’re in safe hands. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, and the prestigious FIDI – FAIM accreditation, we’re the perfect choice for any move. Get in touch today for more information regarding our moving services, and book us in for your summer move.


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