Moving Tips: How to unpack efficiently after your move

Here’s how to give yourselves a deadline, start unpacking, organise, and quickly settle in to your new home after a move. 

When moving house, we tend to put a lot of thought into packing ready for our move. We’ll make lists and be really organised, but when it comes to unpacking after the move, for some reason we are not so eager to make plans and simply just deal with it when the time comes. So, we can easily end up overwhelmed, surrounded by a sea of boxes!

Plan your packing and your unpacking

Making unpacking plans is actually a very good idea. Moving day can be a long and tiring day, it can be stressful, and perhaps all you’ll want to do is settle down when you get to your new home, have something to eat and get a good night’s sleep, particularly if you have young children. Now, this turns into a way more complicated mission if you haven’t made proper plans, when you can’t find your plates and cutlery, your beds are hidden under a pile of boxes and your little one’s favourite toy is nowhere to be seen.

Of course, some aspects of packing will make unpacking easier, such as ensuring all your boxes are well labelled and every box is moved straight into the room where it needs to be, but there’s plenty more you can do too.

Keep vital items separate

Make a list of everything you’ll want on your first night in your new house and make sure these are packed in priority boxes, very clearly marked as important! The list will be different for every household, but the basics may include bedding, some basic kitchen items such as cups and plates, cutlery and the kettle. You may want to pack some easy to prepare foods, snacks and drinks too. Toiletries will be important, along with night clothes and fresh clothes for the morning.

Set a schedule

You may be unpacking all at once, or if you’re short on time, it could be a process that takes quite a while to complete, so have a schedule, and stick to it. Unpacking can seem like a daunting task, but if you don’t get it all done, you’ll end up with unpacked boxes hidden around your home for months!

Get the larger items in place first

Get all the bulky furniture items in their correct place first, then you can proceed with the smaller items. The kitchen is usually a good place to start as it’s fairly easy to determine where everything goes, and then you’ll be all set up for cooking when the unpacking gives you all a big appetite.

Remember where you’ve put the delicate items

It’s important to keep an eye on the fragile items. You may not want to unpack anything too delicate when you’re still lugging furniture and boxes around the house but leave them too long and you start to forget what items are in which boxes and risk your most precious processions being treated roughly. Fragile wall mounted items such as glass framed pictures and mirrors should be put straight up on the wall, propping them up against the wall is a recipe for breakages!

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