Moving with children: Make moving easier on you and your kids!

Moving to a new home may be stressful for you, but it’s even tougher on your children. Here’s ways you can make moving with kids much easier! 

Moving can be a stressful time for all of us, so it can be easy to forget how moving to a new house can affect children. Regardless of how arduous or tiring the task may be, you understand the process of moving to a new house and you know it’s worth the effort for the end result. However, your children may never have experienced a move before, and not really understand what it is all about.

So, it’s important to explain to them what will happen and ensure they understand that they will have a lovely new bedroom and that you’ll be taking all their toys along with you to the new house.

Here are some more ideas for how to make moving easy for you and your kids

  • Get started ASAP 

With the kids helping, things can take longer than they might otherwise, so even if you think you have plenty of time, it won’t hurt to get started as soon as you can. Packing, and cleaning your house ready to move can take much longer than you think so you’ll all be less stressed if you’re not having a last-minute rush. 

  • Make a plan, as a family 

It’s important that everyone understands what will happen during the packing and moving process, so sit down as a family and go over the plans. Think about those things that may be important to your children such as what you’ll have to eat on moving day, and what box their favourite teddy will travel in. 

  • Write to-do lists so everyone can help 

To-do lists are always useful, and everyone can help on moving day with their own list of jobs to do. Decide on some small tasks that even the littlest members of the family can help with and you’ll ensure they are kept occupied and feel involved in the move. 

  • Have a kid-friendly colour coding system 

Kids will find it much easier to help if boxes are colour coded. Then you can simply ask them to put all the blue boxes in a particular room, or to pack their toys in any of the red boxes.

  • Have a ‘moving in’ bag for everyone

When you arrive at your new home, it’s likely to have been a long and tiring day. Everyone will be exhausted, and little ones might be getting grumpy and overtired. So, it’s important that you can get in and settled right away. So be sure to pack everyone a bag for the first night with everything they need. Pyjamas, a favourite cuddly toy or blanket, perhaps some sachets of hot chocolate and a packet of cookies for a first night treat.

  • Be upbeat and discuss the positive points 

You may well have your own worries and concerns on moving day but try not to pass the stress onto your kids. Try and emphasise all the good points about the move, seeing the process as a family adventure not a chore to be endured. 

  • Let the children air their views 

Letting your kids have their say and tell you their worries is so important. They may have fears you haven’t even thought of such as a worry that you won’t be taking the family pet or that their toys will get lost in the move. Voicing these insecurities gives you the chance to reassure worried youngsters. 

  • Be patient, it can take time to settle in 

It’s also important to give kids time to adjust to a new place. Don’t be disappointed if they’re not thrilled with everything right away. They may be upset at a change of schools or at leaving friends behind. Eventually they will settle in so do be patient.

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