Moving with kids – tips to follow before, during and after the move

Here are our tips to make your move smooth and plain sailing for you and the little ones!

Moving can be pretty stressful, but add kids into the mix and the stress levels can skyrocket! Whatever the circumstances, no matter how far the move, when you move house with kids, it can definitely be tough work.


Before you move

Get the kids involved. They may never have moved house before, they may have worries you’ve not even thought of so give them the chance to ask questions. You may find the tears aren’t because they don’t want to move, but because they haven’t realised they can take all their toys with them! Turn the move into something fun to plan and discuss, like a holiday. Make your plans over a picnic in the park, or with an ice cream, then they’ll associate the move with fun! If you can, show the kids round the new house before the move. Take photos of their new bedroom and discuss paint colour and how they’d like to arrange their room. Making sure they know what will happen on the day can really help to reassure nervous children.


During the move

Have a list of jobs that the kids can help with, so they feel involved. Light boxes to carry for example. Introduce your kids to your removal drivers so they don’t feel nervous about strangers in their home and handling their toys. If you pick the right removal company, you’ll find the staff are all trained to interact well with children and fully understand that they can find moving difficult.


Children may feel more reassured if their most prized possessions are with them, so allowing them to keep a bag with favourite toys in could work wonders. They may also find the move boring, stop them getting under your feet by making sure you have a supply of toys and activities to keep them occupied, and plenty of snacks and drinks.


After the move

A new home in an unfamiliar area can be daunting for all of us, but especially so for children if they’re leaving their friends behind. Get to know your neighbours and the local children. If your kids are changing schools then it’s a great idea to visit it a few times before they start, so it becomes familiar to them.

Discover all the fun things in the area and the kids will be more than happy they’ve moved! A trip to a park, a local restaurant or a fun bike ride in the countryside can all help you to settle in nicely as a family.


Keep calm yourself

Perhaps the most important tip, is to keep your cool yourself. Children will pick up on your sky high stress levels, so ensure you are on top of everything with some great planning well in advance of the move and a good removal company that will make your move go perfectly. If you’re looking for a great removal company then visit our website at columbiamovers.com

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