Office Move in Limassol

Our company is proud to announce the successful move of the offices of UTX, from Limassol town center (near Molos area) to the new port area (Frangoudi & Stefanou building).
UTX currently has 150 employees, and Columbia was responsible for moving all the office equipment, hardware equipment, bookcases, lab equipment, electronics etc. to the new building within a limited time frame and with the utmost care due to the nature of operations of UTX and the expensive hardware and electronics the company uses.
The office move was completed within 6 days, from 28/3-2/4 and Columbia had to work in coordination with other companies since the new office buildings of UTX were still in renovation phase. With good coordination and cooperation among the involved parties, Columbia was able to deliver high quality services in a timely manner as promised to our customer.
Columbia management would like to thank UTX management and employees for their cooperation and help along the move of the offices.

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