Relocating abroad from Cyprus? How to make sure you take your pet with you safely

When you’ve made the decision to move abroad, there’s a lot to consider and a lot to do.

Your pets are part of the family and so of course you need to ensure they get to their new home safely and happily. But, it’s not as easy to move your pets as it is the rest of your family! You can’t simply book them a plane ticket. But you don’t need to worry, with the help of professional companies specialising in pet moves, such as Colombia World-Wide Movers, you can rest assured that your pets will have a comfortable stress-free move to their new home.


Things to consider when moving your pet overseas

Are they fit to fly?

Consult your vet and make sure your pet is fit and healthy enough to fly. This is especially important if they are elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions.


Are you legally allowed to take your pet overseas?

You need to check with the country you’re going to, to ensure they will allow you to take your pet into their country and find out what requirements they have. Do they need to be microchipped? Will they need to go into quarantine?


What is your budget?

The amount you can afford to spend on the transportation of your pet may affect the way in which they travel.


Decide on carry-on or cargo travel

Depending on the airline you fly with, you may have the choice between taking your pet with you in a carrier or having them put in the cargo hold. Carry on is generally better suited to smaller animals. If you opt for cargo travel, don’t worry, your beloved pet isn’t thrown in with all the luggage, they will have their own pressurized and temperature controlled area of the cargo deck.


Ensuring the move goes well for you and your pet

Here are some tips for making sure your move is stress free and smooth for you and your pet…


Invest in a good carrier

If you’re moving your pet in a pet carrier, make sure you buy one that is secure, and spacious enough for you pet. Check with the airline, they may have certain requirements regarding the size or style of carrier they allow.


Get your pet used to the carrier

It’s a good idea to put your pet in the carrier a few times before the big move. They will then be familiar with it and less frightened when it comes to move day.


Take something that smells of home

Your pet will feel more comfortable with familiar smells around them, especially if they are travelling away from you in the cargo hold. A blanket or a cuddly toy is good choice.


Enlist the help of professionals

To really make the move smooth, call in the professionals. Here at Columbia World-Wide Movers we specialise in relocating pets overseas. We know all the rules and regulations so we’ll make sure everything is in place before you travel. We can even transport your pet door to door if this makes your move a little easier for you. Do call us, or visit our website for more information or to get a quote.

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