Self Storage VS Warehouse – Which One is the Best for Me?

When you’re looking for some extra space to store your business stock, equipment or records, a warehouse may seem like the logical choice. At first glance a large warehouse seems like the perfect place to store your trade stock ready for distribution. However, once you look more closely at all the benefits a self storage facility offers that a warehouse doesn’t, you are likely to reconsider your views.


Self storage is cheaper

Warehouses tend to be very large and so they also tend to be costly to rent. You may find that there are additional costs too such as maintenance costs and extra fees for services you may need such as electricity and water. Here at Columbia Worldwide Movers, when you rent a self storage space there are no hidden fees.


Better locations

Warehouses, due to their size, are usually located on the outskirts of towns and cities. You’ll find self storage facilities located more centrally making travel time to retrieve your stock much lower. When you only want to visit quickly, perhaps to do a stock check or pick up a few items, an out of town warehouse can be very inconvenient.


More versatile and adaptable

Choose Columbia Worldwide Movers Self Storage and you’ll have a wide range of storage space sizes to choose from. If your business grows, you can simply move to a larger unit. If you find you need less space, then you can easily downgrade too. This is not an option when you have a warehouse, you would have to find a whole different location for your stock.


Easy to move in and out

You can have your self storage unit for as long as you like. We won’t tie you in to any lengthy contracts. Renting a unit is easy, and moving out is no hassle either.


24 hour access 7 days a week

We don’t limit the times or days when you can access your self storage unit. Everyone has different requirements, so whether you visit your unit during the day, or at weekends or in the evening, it will always be available to you.


Total privacy

Your belongings are your business. No one else will have access to your Columbia Worldwide Movers Self Storage space. You will have a key and you can simply let yourself in and out.


Highly secure

A lone locked warehouse can be a target for burglars, and securing a large warehouse can be difficult. Our self storage facilities have been purpose built with security as a high priority. The buildings are secure, there are alarms fitted and the facilities are monitored by CCTV.


More advanced safety features

In addition to the security features, there are also other measures in place to ensure your goods are safe and protected. Smoke alarms, CO2 monitors and sprinkler systems are just some of the steps we take to ensure that your goods are in very safe hands.


Check out Columbia Worldwide Movers for your business storage

Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer. Choose from a wide range of unit sizes with no minimum contract. You’ll certainly find it a more attractive choice than picking a warehouse for your needs. Book your own self storage now.

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