Pets are an integral part of the family, and people often want to take them along when they move abroad.

But this is not as simple as it may seem. Expatriates moving with pets are faced with an ever increasing mountain of bureaucracy. There are many different factors to consider. These can include import and export permits, special airline carriers, veterinary visits, and paperwork.

Columbia Movers is glad to offer a business class move for your pets. Moving with Columbia your pets can get the moving experience they deserve, ensuring a comfortable and stress free journey to any destination in the world.

A network of specialized agents has been established to enable you to receive your pet at your destination home, taking away all your worries and concerns! Of course you always have the choice to receive your pet at any available airport in the world.

Quarantine laws and import regulations vary from country to country while certain animals are restricted to some countries. Our Experienced Moving Consultants will be glad to give you all the required information and pre-requisites to avoid any surprises at your destination country!

Due to restrictions to some countries, please contact us in advance to ascertain the transport regulations for your pets move.