In order to offer you the highest flexibility, we can offer you different sizes for self-storage units so you don't have to pay for any extra space you might need. Furthermore we can customize our self-storage units in order to best fill your needs For further information feel free to contact us.

The height of the units is 2.8 meters.

SIZE (m)      EQUAL TO                                                        WHAT FITS

2 × 1.5                       self-storage-unit-5x5         Chest of drawers or desk, mattress set,several boxes and small items OR 80 file boxes


2 × 2                  self-storage-unit-5x10       Mattress set, sofa, dining room set OR Chest of drawers, boxes and small items


3 × 2             5_15      Standard furnishings of 1 bedroom apartment without appliances OR about 160 file                                                                                                 boxes


4 × 2                 self-storage-unit-10x10     Furnishings of 1 bedroom apartment with refrigerator & washer/dryer , patio furniture                                                                                             and many boxes OR 2 office suites OR about 200 file boxes      


4 × 3           self-storage-unit-10x15   Furnishings of two bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, patio furniture                                                                                           and many boxes OR a vehicle or small boat OR it is big enough to fit carpet                                                                                                               rolls and building materials


For more information, feel free to contact us.