Step by Step: How to Unpack After Moving to your new House

When the big move is over and all your belongings are in your new home, it’s a lovely feeling. You’re finally there. You can sit back and take in your new surroundings, but not for long as there’s still a big job to be done – all the unpacking!

When you’re surrounded by boxes it can all feel rather overwhelming. Where on earth did all this stuff come from? When all your possessions are boxed up it can look like an awful lot, but don’t worry, follow our step by step guide and you’ll soon have your home in order.


Clean first, unpack later

It’s much easier to clean your new home before you’ve filled cupboards and got all your things out, so your first job should be to unpack your cleaning products and set to making everything spotless before you unpack.


Open the essentials box

The very first thing to unpack is your essentials box which hopefully you’ve clearly marked. Then you’re prepared for the job of unpacking with a kettle and coffee, toilet paper and any other items that you can’t live without.


Get the furniture in place

If you haven’t already had your removal company place all your furniture where you want it, now is the time to decide where everything is going and get it in place. If you have any furniture that needs reassembling, such as large beds or wardrobes then get this done before you unpack any smaller items.


Unpack your clothes and bedding

Clothes and bedding take up so much room when they’re packed in bags and boxes so you’ll free up a lot of floor space when they’re all put away where they belong. Plus, you’re going to need fresh clothes soon so it’s a good idea to get this done as soon as possible.


Make the bathroom feel like home

The bathroom is an easy room to tackle and it’s nice to have one room that’s fully finished. So find your bathroom box and set up the bathroom all ready to use. You might just appreciate a relaxing hot bath after you’ve finished all your unpacking!


Fill the kitchen cupboards

The next step that will give you a lot of floor space back is to put all your kitchen items in the cabinets. All those plates, pans and electrical kitchen gadgets take up a lot of space, so you’ll feel much better when they’re all away, and then you’re ready to cook too. You may not feel up to cooking much and prefer to order a takeaway on your first night, but you’ll want everything ready for breakfast tomorrow.


Everything in its place

Certain items will have a definite home. Books need to be put on the shelves, some boxes may simply be going straight into the loft or cellar such as Christmas decorations or sentimental items. You should have labelled all your boxes with the room they are intended for, so make sure every box is in the right place.


Get pictures up on the walls

Putting pictures on the walls doesn’t seem like the most important job, but they take up space when they’re just lying around, and you’re risking them getting broken. Putting pictures up is an easy job so get them on the walls and out of the way. It will also make your new home feel more homely.


You’ll get there – with our help

Don’t worry, you’ll get there in the end, even it takes a little longer than you may have thought. If you’d like expert help with your next move, then call Columbia Movers for a quote and to order your packing materials.

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