Storage tips for hot summer days

Here are some tips to ensure your treasured possessions remains safe when you’re moving and storing them in the heat of the summer… 

With around 320 days of sunshine every year, Cyprus is delightfully warm all year round, and in the summer months the temperatures rise even higher. While this is wonderful for sun bathers, or for exploring the sights of the islands, it’s not so good for your items in storage, which can easily be damaged when the temperatures soar. Here are some tips to ensure your treasured possessions remains safe when you’re moving and storing them in the heat of the summer

 1. Moving in the summer heat

Your items are precious, but you are too, and so your number one priority in hot weather should be yourselves. Make sure you wear sunscreen, take plenty of water with you on your journey to ensure you’re well hydrated, and wear a sun hat. Give yourself plenty of time for the move so you can take regular rest breaks. Vehicles can get very hot very quickly, so make sure you have some air flowing through, or the air conditioning on.

2. Protecting your belongings from the heat

When storing electronics, adding some desiccant pouches to the boxes can help to absorb moisture from the air and reduce the risks of damage to your belongings. A bowl of cat litter located close to electrical items is another low-cost yet effective moisture absorber.

3. Selecting items for storage

Some items are at higher risk of damage when stored in the heat, so do consider this when selecting items to put away in storage. Metal can rust, plastic and wood can warp, and leather and paper can fade. Fabrics, artwork, and documents could be prone to mildew.

 4. Do not store flammable, toxic, or hazardous materials

Hazardous materials include grease, motor oil, fertilizer, paint, and more. Heat and oxygen are two of the three elements that can cause a fire, the other being fuel. So be sure to avoid storing objects containing it. In addition, remember that packaging can fail in high temperatures: substance could be discharged, damaging your goods.

Need more help?

There are just a few tips of storage in high temperatures. Columbia Worldwide Movers has the only US and UK accredited self-storage facilities in Cyprus. If you’re looking for more information regarding the best storage solutions, or you’d like a helping hand with your next move, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our highly experienced team is on hand to help with all your removal requirements, store all your belongings all year round.


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