The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. Here are 5 tips to make more space!

Christmas is a wonderful, magical time, but it can also be stressful. The kids are off school, and you’ve got so much more to do with all the festive preparations. There’s the Christmas food to make, the perfect gifts to buy, but you also need your house to be spotless for the guests who will be visiting over the holidays. They say a tidy house makes for a tidy mind, and that’s never truer than at Christmas time! If your house is already cluttered, adding in a Christmas tree and other decorations, all those extra toys the kids will no doubt receive, and then a bunch of guests, well it can certainly make you feel stressed out!

But with a little preparation, you can have a calm, relaxed Christmas by getting ahead of the game and making more space now. Here are our top tips for ensuring your Christmas isn’t overly cluttered

  1. Declutter

There are two parts to your decluttering mission. First, you should sort out everything you really don’t want. You know the kids are going to get new toys, so why not have a clear out of toys they’ve grown out of or don’t play with anymore? Take each room one by one and look around to see what you don’t need. Old toiletries, out of date food at the back of the cupboard, get rid of it all and you’ll feel much better. The second stage is to clear away some stuff that has been hiding away, making the room look more spacious when you’re adding in the festive decorations. Small side tables, lamps, ornaments, anything that is taking up space but isn’t going to be used can all be stored away over the holiday season.


  1. Find new homes for your unwanted stuff

Offer your unwanted items to friends and families, sell them on auction sites or local Facebook groups or donate to charity. Christmas can be an expensive time for everyone so if you can make a little extra cash, or help someone out at this time, it’s all been worth it!

  1. Put thought into your Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is always beautiful whatever the size, so be sure to get one that suits the size of your room and fits in the space you’ve allocated for it. There are trees made especially narrow for small spaces, ones that are flat on one side that can go against a wall or even be hung on the wall.


  1. Get furniture that folds away

If you’re having extra guests over then some fold away chairs and an extendable table will enable everyone to sit comfortably without filling your home with bulky furniture.


  1. Make good use of every space

It’s time to get inventive and hide those surplus belongings out of the way over the Christmas season. Make the most of space under the beds, fill empty suitcases, or rent a self-storage unit and get everything right out of the way. It’s a great place to store Christmas presents away from little prying eyes too! Find out more about Columbia Movers self-storage solutions, perfectly tailored to your own needs by visiting our website.

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