Top Labelling Tips to make your Move go like a Dream

Moving house can be a very exciting time. Perhaps you’re moving to a neighbourhood you love, or your new home is going to be more spacious with a bigger garden. You’ll no doubt be mentally arranging your furniture in your new rooms, and picking out some new items to make your new house into a real home. All these aspects of moving house are fun and enjoyable. But to get there, you’ve got one job to do that is certainly not fun at all and that’s the packing! It’s such a time-consuming job and once you’ve arrived at your new home you’re surrounded by a sea of cardboard boxes. All you want is a relaxing cup of tea, but who knows which box the kettle is in?

The key to making your move simpler is all in the labelling of your boxes. Here are some top tips to help you get really organised when it’s time to pack up your belongings for your move

It’s important to get everything you need ready beforehand. You’ll want some good quality markers, lots of them, in different colours. Then. you can allocate a different colour for each room the boxes are destined for. Choose waterproof, permanent markers to prevent any problems if it’s raining on moving day. You’ll also want plenty of labels. These can be used for labelling bags and other items that you just can’t write on with a marker pen. Test them first to ensure they are sticky enough for the job and aren’t going to fall off during transit. To make things even easier, you could also buy your sticky tape in a variety of colours, again to colour code each box for each room.


Teach everyone your colour code

A colour code system can be very useful, but only if everyone knows how to use it! From the others helping to pack, to the movers carrying the boxes, everyone will need to understand the code, so print out several copies of the colour code key and pin them up in both the old house and the new one.

Write the contents on several sides

As well as marking boxes with the room they’re intended for, you should also add a summary of what is inside. So, your box could be marked KITCHEN but then also list Kettle, Toaster, Cutlery etc. Write this on more than one side, and on the top and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for easily, even if the boxes are stacked up.


Mark your fragile items

It’s likely you’ll have some boxes containing delicate and precious items. Get some FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE stickers as a reminder to the movers that these boxes need special handling.

Take the easy option

While these tips will certainly help make your move go more smoothly, there’s one foolproof way to eliminate all your packing stress. Want to know the secret? Simple, just hire an efficient and reliable moving company such as Columbia Movers to do your packing for you! For more information about hiring us to do your packing, get in touch today.

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